The Mercurial Shapes of Villa Roberti | Art, Theater and Artist Residences

The collaborations realized by Arte Laguna Prize are countless and always changing. This is the case of the artist’s residence at Villa Roberti in Brugine carried out by Serena Bellini, winner of the Special Prize for the 16th Edition of Arte Laguna.

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Arte Laguna Prize Network | The ongoing connections of the 16th Edition

Between consolidated collaborations and new partnerships, Arte Laguna Prize continues every year to expand its network of galleries, museums and companies, giving artists the opportunity to get in touch with new realities and create eclectic projects.


Hee Sook Kim | Patterns of Nature at Espronceda

Espronceda is an innovative contemporary art centre, exhibition venue and workspace that provides a multi-disciplinary environment for artists, curators and anyone who believes in the importance of art, culture and education for greater creativity and a better world.

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Mohammed El Hajoui | The learning by doing of Fabrica

Founded in 1994 in Treviso, Fabrica is a cultural center open to those curious, restless, ambitious, generous talents who experience contemporary communication through a constant contamination between different disciplines, such as photography, design, video, graphics, digital.


Ermina Apostolaki | A heart-warming experience in Farm Cultural Park

Every year Arte Laguna Prize gives the participating artists the opportunity to take part in residencies and special prizes in collaboration with exceptional partners, expanding its network and creating new opportunities for these talents of the contemporary art system.

Yohy Suarez at Espronceda | Arte Laguna Prize

Yohy Suarez | Espronceda Art Residency

Arte Laguna Prize has been working for 16 years with high-level international partners to offer artists opportunities for professional growth all over the world.

Art Nova 100 | Arte Laguna Prize

Arte Laguna Prize at the Guardian Art Center in Beijing

Every year, the video art & short films section finalists of Arte Laguna Prize take part in the Art Nova 100 Annual Exhibition that takes place at the Guardina Art Center, in Beijing.

Art Talk "Arte Urbana come motore di Community Building"

Art Talk “Urban Art as an engine of Community Building”

On November 14 at 3 pm, an encounter dedicated to the visions and perspectives of public art will be held in the spaces of the Arsenale Nord in Venice.

Art Talks - 23 ottobre 2021

ART TALKS with Federico Pazzagli and Ennio Bianco

Saturday 23 October in the beautiful setting of Arte Laguna Prize exhibition, starting at 3 pm, two interesting art talks will lead visitors to discover the dynamics of the art world.


Arte Laguna Prize at 4passi Festival with the artist Varvara Grankova

Arte Laguna Prize will be at 4passi Festival in Treviso, one of the most important national events dedicated to sustainable economy. 4passi has been held in Treviso since 2005 and is organized by the Social Cooperative Pace e Sviluppo.



Thursday October 14 at 5pm Arsenale Nord of Venice as part of Arte Laguna Prize exhibition On the occasion of the Venice Design Week Thursday October 14 from 5 pm at the Arsenale Nord in #Venice, in the beautiful setting of Arte Laguna Prize exhibition, the talk “𝐁𝐞𝐭𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐀𝐫𝐭 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐃𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐠𝐧: 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲” will…

Banner | Artelaguna Prize

From Venice to Mauritius: an exclusive preview of Arte Laguna Prize finalists exhibition at the Caudan Arts Centre.

Arte Laguna Prize continues to expand its international network by forging new collaborations every year in order to offer artists unique opportunities for visibility all over the world.

Banner | Artelaguna

Mohammad Al-Hemd | Art Stays Festival

For 16 years, Arte Laguna Prize has been pursuing the mission of creating international connections thanks to a network of partners all over the world.

The 120 Finalist Artist of Arte Laguna Prize 15 | Arte Laguna Prize

The 120 Finalist Artists of Arte Laguna Prize 15

Discover the names of the 120 artists that will exhibit at the Arsenale of Venice from October 2 to October 24, 2021 along with the finalists of the 14th edition.

Artists in the Spotlight | Arte Laguna Prize

Artists in the Spotlight

The selections are still in progress, meanwhile here are the artists who have received a positive feedback by the jury.

Art Design | Arte Laguna Prize

The Unico Group Tells What Art Design is Today

What is UNICO? UNICO is a project that brings together art desginer Roberta Varteramo, Vanessa Carioggia, director and owner of the Sant’Agostino art house

Perchè esporre delle opere d’arte proprio in questo momento?

Why exhibit work of art in this moment?

The pandemic that is upsetting the world attacks not only our body, but also our way of interacting with what surrounds us.

15 Years of Arte Laguna Prize

15 years of Arte Laguna Prize

In this article we will tell you how Arte Laguna Prize was born and how it has evolved in 15 years. It is difficult to summarize such a long and intense time in a small space, but we will present the most important steps.



In 2020 Art Nova 100, partner of Arte Laguna Prize since 2014, celebrates its 10th anniversary. On October 4, took place the opening of the great exhibition at the Guardian Art Center in Beijing organized by Art Nova 100 to celebrate this special occasion. Collectors, artists, curators, gallery owners and art lovers of any kind,…


Amelia Corvino | Fraccaro Spumadoro

For the 13th edition of Arte Laguna Prize, the renowned confectionery company of Castelfranco Veneto Fraccaro Spumadoro joined the “Business for Art” initiative, thanks to which artists and creatives from all over the world had the chance to submit a new packaging proposal for one of Fraccaro’s products.

Jad El Khoury | Arte Laguna Prize

Jad El Khoury | Nuart Festival

During the last edition of the Arte Laguna Prize, the Lebanese artist Jad El Khoury (Beirut, 1988) collected success after success, taking home three victories.

Clara Lotta Dittmet | Arte Laguna Prize

Clara Lotta Dittmer | Espronceda Residency

The young German artist Clara Lotta Dittmer (Hamburg, 1992) is currently experiencing her 6-week art residency at Espronceda which she won during the last edition of Arte Laguna Prize in March 2019.

Jeff Leake | Arte Laguna Prize

Jeff Leake | The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Residency

The American artist Jeff Leake tells us about his experience at The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai, China, which began in June and ends on September 8th, 2019.

Tomoko Iki | Arte Laguna Prize

Tomoko Iki | Agriturismo Poggio alle Ville

www.poggioalleville.it   Thanks to the partnership between Arte Laguna Prize and Agriturismo Poggio Alle Ville, the Japanese artist Tomoko Iki will get the chance to spend one week in the complex of farmhouses in Mugello, Tuscany, that offers a breathtaking view over the green hills of this beautiful region.

Chiara Santoro | Arte Laguna Prize

Chiara Santoro | Glo’Art Residency

At GLO’ART art center in Lanaken, Belgium, Chiara Santoro lives her first experience of art residency and finds inspiration to create a new series of digital graphic works.

Elio Ticca | Arte Laguna Prize

Elio Ticca | Tessitura Bevilacqua

Taking inspiration from the nineteenth-century aesthetic of John Ruskin and his reflections on Venetian architecture collected in the book “The Stones of Venice”, the installation “Finestre Veneziane” by Elio Ticca was conceived for Tessitura Bevilacqua, in response to the open call Business for Art of the 13th Edition of Arte Laguna Prize.

Randalf Dilla | Arte Laguna Prize

Randalf Dilla | Glo’Art Residency

Randalf Dilla (Philippines, 1986), winner of the Art Residencies program of the 12th Edition of Arte Laguna Prize, is completing these days his one-month residency at GLO’ART (Lanaken, Belgium).

Juli Bolanos Durman | Arte Laguna Prize

Juli Bolanos-Durman | Basu Foundation for the Arts

I find myself favouring objects that act as storytellers and constitute experiences that are links to emotional connections. During the 12th edition of Arte Laguna Prize, the Costa Rican artist Juli Bolaños-Durman has been selected as the winner of the art residency offered by Basu Foundation for the Arts, in Kolkata, India.

Made in Italy| Arte Laguna Prize

Made in Italy and Creativity: Effective Collaborations that can make Artists and Companies Grow

Every year Arte Laguna Prize offers a series of collaborations with Made in Italy companies with the aim of connecting creativity with craftsmanship. For the 13th edition, the opportunities offered to artists and designers are made in collaboration with 47 Anno Domini, Fraccaro Spumadoro, Maglificio Giordano’s and Tessitura Bevilacqua.

Ivan Juarez | Arte Laguna Prize

An Art Residency in Beautiful Sicily: Ivan Juarez a farm Cultural Park

A space and time to devote yourself completely to the creation of new artworks: this is what Arte Laguna Prize wants to offer with its program of art residencies.