Art Talks - 23 ottobre 2021

ART TALKS with Federico Pazzagli and Ennio Bianco

Saturday 23 October in the beautiful setting of Arte Laguna Prize exhibition, starting at 3 pm, two interesting art talks will lead visitors to discover the dynamics of the art world. Federico Pazzagli, general director of Exibart, will talk about the relationship between art and economics in the talk entitled “Looking beyond”.  The idea according to which art and economy are incompatible has long been completely outdated, art is in fact a productive activity and art and economy are not two opposite poles, they are rather the extremes of an axis, two focal centers of a common system that mutually feed on each other.

The digital art expert Ennio Bianco will instead talk about the Metaverse, a shared virtual universe that will transform every aspect of our lives, where, through our avatars, we will live, work and play, where our digital and physical lives will converge. In this future scenario, what will be the role of artists, performers, designers, composers? To what extent will the role of galleries and museums change?

The talks will be followed by a coffee break with Hausbrandt and sweets Fraccaro Spumadoro

At 4.30 pm there will be a guided tour of Arte Laguna Prize exhibition which dispalys 240 works of contemporary art and design from all over the world, offering an overview of international contemporary art that gives voice to a wide variety of visual languages.

Finally, an evening aperitif with Birra Morgana will follow.


Guardare oltre with Federico Pazzagli
Buon mattino Metaverso with Ennio Bianco

4 pm Coffee break with Hausbrandt and sweets Fraccaro Spumadoro
4.30 pm Guided tour of the exhibition followed by an evening aperitif with Birra Morgana

Location: Arte Laguna Prizze – Arsenale Nord of Venice

How to get there
From P.le Roma or from the train station
Water-bus line 5.2
Bacini/Arsenale Nord stop
(follow the signs for Arte Laguna Prize)


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