Exhibitions in Veneto - The Land of Venice

The initiative of the Exhibition in Veneto was born from the collaboration between Arte Laguna Prize and some Villas, Residences and Cultural Institutions of the territory with the aim of continuing to promote and discover the new talents of the international artistic system.

Thanks to the presence of these works of contemporary art, an artistic path has been created that connects different realities allowing the public, even those who already know them, to approach them in a different light.

It is a discovery for the visitor in the Villa the work of young artists, a work that in turn gives a new dimension to the Venetian Villas, bringing charm and emotion to both realities.
Born as corporate centers of the properties of Venetian families on the mainland, the Venetian Villas, now as then, once again live the present time in which artistic expression, disruptive creativity, contamination of media and styles, innovative experiences are beautifully integrated into the most monumental and representative landscape and artistic context.
Beauty, novelty, freshness, provocation, charm that seduces or provokes the visitor but still speaks to the heart”

Isabella Collalto, President of associazione Ville Venete

Arte Laguna Prize works are exhibited at:


  1. Villa Rechsteiner (TV) – March 26 – December 31
  2. Castello di Thiene (VI) – April 3 – December 31
  3. Villa Roberti (PD) – April 24 – December 31
  4. Villa San Liberale (BL) – April 30 – December 31
  5. Villa Montruglio (VI) – May 8 – December 31
  6. Villa Valmarana (VI) – May 14 – October 31
  7. SelvArt (VI)
  8. Villa dei Cedri (TV) – May 21 – August 15
  9. Spazio Thetis (VE)
  10. Confcommercio (TV)
Arte Laguna Prize in Veneto | Arte Laguna Prize

Villa Rechsteiner | Arte Laguna Prize

Villa Rechsteiner | Radici

[…] Symbolic interweaving between memory and vision, thanks to the roots we maintain the link with our history and traditions, laying the foundations for the generations that will come after us.
A window on the past and the future, through these four works we are given the opportunity to approach a private and intimate reality. The story of a family, firmly intertwined with that of the territory, is evoked thanks to the works of Hasegawa Saori and Shiohara Masumi, while the installations of Varvara Grankova and Gabriela Torres Ruiz help us to look to the future, asking us to become more aware of our actions and their impact on the environment that surrounds us.
A collective invitation to take note of the fact that only thanks to our roots we can really take flight.

RADICI – Joint Exhibition

Opening: 26 marzo 2022,  h. 10.00
Exhibition period: 26 march – 31 december 2022
Location: Villa Rechsteiner, Via Frassenè, 2 – Piavon (TV)

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Castello di Thiene | Arte Laguna Prize

Castello di Thiene | Movimento

[…] A dialogue between past and present is created in the rooms of the Castle, where the paintings of Frederique Nolet de Brauwere and Dong Xing flank the sculpture of Anja Maria Strauss in the rooms on the first floor.

The common thread is the movement: more direct in the work of Strauss, where the natural component bewitches with its ethereal trend, more discreet instead in the works of Dong Xing and Nolet de Brauwere, where the artist’s gesture creates a dynamic cross-section on the pictorial support […]

The event is part of Tempo di Primavera, a market exhibition dedicated to the excellence of craftsmanship.


  • € 8.00 from 12 years old
  • € 0.50 under 12 and for residents of Thiene with CARTA’60

MOVIMENTO – Joint Exhibition

Opening: 3 april 2022,  h. 15.00
Apertura: 2 april – 31 december 2022
Location: Castello di Thiene, Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 2 – Thiene (VI)

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Villa Roberti | Arte Laguna Prize

Villa Roberti | Metamorfosi

[…] an artistic path that makes metamorphosis its common thread, where the charm of Nature and Landscape become a unique with the Human Being.
Halfway between reason and impulse, we are asked to take note of the metamorphosis to which not only Man, but also the Planet has been subjected. Thanks to this vision we are put in a position to explore our relationship with the land that hosts us. Coming to terms with the most ancestral part of this millennial relationship, intertwining with each other in an indissoluble way, they invite us to look inside and ask ourselves if what we see is really what we are.

METAMORFOSI – Joint Exhibition

Inaugurazione: 24 april 2022,  h. 17.00
Apertura: 24 april – 31 december 2022
Location: Villa Roberti, Via Roma, 96 – Brugine (PD)

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Villa San Liberale | Arte Laguna Prize

Villa San Liberale | Contemplazione

[…] While Gobbi and Tseng focus on a study of the Io and personal fulfillment, Solomita and Shmelev study the world around us, outlining the contours of an almost unreal environment, where what we would like and what is are opposed.
Faced with the arduous task of considering who we really are and what we want, we find ourselves in contemplation of works that with strength and delicacy are able to transmit the beauty of being in all its forms.
A red thread that branches off creating an intimate narrative, contemplation – personal and social – is what allows us to embark on the journey of research that is itself discovered […]

CONTEMPLAZIONE – Joint Exhibition

Opening: 30 april 2022,  h. 18.00
Exhibition period: 30 april – 31 december 2022
Location: Villa San Liberale, Via S. Liberale, 9 – Feltre (BL)

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Villa Montruglio | Arte Laguna Prize

Villa Montruglio | Prospettiva

The red thread of the path is precisely this: the perspective. If on the one hand Baldissera‘s works invite us to delve into the unknown, immersing ourselves in the abyss and challenging us to find answers to unknown questions, Nacho‘s work requires us to dig into the apparent reality of things by questioning their status quo.
Thus, the curtain opens on an unexpected and intriguing scene, where the dialogue between things and the human becomes possible, entering hitherto unexplored meanders.

PROSPETTIVA – Solo Exhibition

Opening: 8 may 2022,  h. 18.00
Exhibition period: 8 may – 31 december 2022
Location: Villa Montruglio, Via Montruglio, 9 – Mossano (VI)

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Vila Valmarana Ai Nani | Arte Laguna Prize

Villa Valmarana ai Nani | Rifrazioni

The theme around which the artistic path develops is that of refractions. Starting from a fixed point, the art of this painter from Piacenza follows exciting developments, and each of her creations enhances every moment, thought, material, object that led her to create. A fluid production, never banal, full of infinite facets, which draws on the World and touches deeply.


Read the critical text by Domenico de Chirico >

RIFRAZIONI – Solo Exhibition

Opening: 14 may 2022,  h. 18.00 – 20.00
Exhibition period: 14 may – 31 october 2022
Location: Villa Valmarana ai Nani, Via dei Nani, 8 – Vicenza (VI)

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Brigitta Rossetti | Arte Laguna Prize
Brigitta Rossetti | Arte Laguna Prize
Brigitta Rossetti | Arte Laguna Prize
Brigitta Rossetti | Arte Laguna Prize

Villa dei Cedri | Arte Laguna Prize

Villa dei Cedri | Spazio - Visioni Intrecciate


45 international works selected among the finalists of the last editions of Arte Laguna Prize, already exhibited at the Arsenale Nord in Venice, arrive in Valdobbiadene in an exhibition that revolves around the concept of space, declined under the architectural, natural, interior and dreamlike aspect, creating a series of visions that intertwine with each other opening up to the other, in a chain of unique ideals such as the artists who have lent their voice to narrate the world in which we live.

The exhibition SPAZIO – VISIONI INTRECCIATE accompanies the visitor to discover the different declinations of contemporary art (painting and photography, digital art and video art, sculpture and installation, art design), inviting him to subvert his perspective and expand his vision of the world through the works presented.

SPAZIO – Visioni Intrecciate

Opening: 21 May 2022,  h. 18.00
Exhibition period: 21 May – 15 august 2022
Location: Villa dei Cedri, Via Piva, 89 – Valdobbiadene (TV)

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Opening hours:
Fri h. 16.30 – 19.30
Sat and Sun h. 10.30 – 12.30/16.30 – 19.30
The other days by appointment for groups.

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