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Artribune is a content and services platform dedicated to contemporary art and culture, founded in 2011 thanks to its staff’s decades of experience in the field of publishing, journalism and new technologies.
Published by Artribune srl, chaired by Paolo Cuccia (also president of Gambero Rosso), Artribune is the largest and most widespread Italian cultural editorial board (with 250 collaborators worldwide) and the most popular information, updating and in-depth tool in Italy. on the themes of art, culture and everything that revolves around them.


Exibart was born in 2000 and immediately it became the unavoidable point of reference for art enthusiasts and experts. During 15 years it has made the web information’s history of this field and has become an informative multichannel platform which spreads its contents through the web, mails, videos (Exibart.com/ Exibart.tv), the newspaper (Exibart.onpaper) and smartphones (Exibart.mobile) reaching a varied and large audience of about 300.000 people a month. It is the most efficient and the most widespread tool of information and in-depth analysis of art, architecture, design, fashion, teaching, cultural tourism… with a community of followers that over 10 years has become a cultural generator and a strand of public opinion.


The tastevin is a small bowl in silver or, more frequently, in silver metal, used for the tasting of wine that is worn around the neck as an emblem by sommeliers. A brotherhood of sommelliers and wine connoisseurs that meets in the Côte d’Or, the wine region of Burgundy, is called the chevaliers du tastevin.
This magazine is a partner of Arte Laguna Prize and supports contemporary art by publishing articles on the winners of the competition every year.


Matrix4Design was created in 2016 because Editrice Industriale wanted to combine innovation and quality to create a product with original contents and the ability to approach readers with a new attitude; a magazine for architects, designers and professionals.
Matrix4Design is a reference point for design, furniture and finishes world. It is a showcase where products meet their application to combine aesthetics and functionality. Everything is presented with a fresh and dynamic style, and contents are easily accessible.