The ambassadors of the Arte Laguna Prize are the representatives of the competition’s activities in various countries around the world. They collaborate as enthusiasts and art lovers, sensitive and attentive to cultural exchanges, to the dissemination of opportunities for artists in order to enhance art and international culture.

Vanvara e Mitry | Ambassadro Arte Laguna Prize 19

Varvara and Mitry Grankov – Russia and Europe

Varvara works with social trauma experience by reflecting it through imprints of personal belongings. She collects the stories within the material by meeting with people and asking them about their experiences or items. Varvara works at the intersection of activism and art. She is the founder of the performative group “Roi”. Her viral project “nenasilie” gained over 10,000 followers in one night. Her works are held in private collections and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art collection. In the 16th edition of the Arte Laguna Prize, Varvara won a Special Prize in the sustainable nomination and was also a finalist in the digital art section of the 15th edition.

Mitry Grankov works with analog collages, sound art, and video art. Experimenting with cut-up methods to make dynamic visual poetry using an online translator and AI. He was awarded the Sergey Kuryokhin Prize in 2021. The geography of their works and places of residence is constantly expanding. The artist’s works have been exhibited in galleries in Russia, Georgia, Italy, the Emirates, Germany, the Czech Republic, and others. The artist’s works are in the private collections and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art collection.

vargrana@gmail.com | vargrana.com | IG @vargranart
mitry.grankov@gmail.com | mitrygrankov.ru | IG @mitry.grankov

Isabel Englebert | Ambassador Arte Laguna Prize 19

Isabel Englebert – Argentina

Postconceptual artist Isabel Englebert works in the intersection of art with science, technology and philosophy. Her interest is built around identity, the collective and the anonymous. She raises the question of the self-construction of the SELF, and what makes us be who we are in these times of technological advances and groundbreaking genetic engineering, and the never more current concept of hyperreality. Having been trained in a wide range of disciplines (Communication Sciences, Economy, Medical Neurosciences, etc), Englebert extrapolates and juxtaposes different ideas and techniques from apparently disconnected fields, breeding a unique worldview. Morphologies and materials vary until the adequate adjudication of the materiality to the concept and its communication is achieved. Her pieces combine neuroscience investigations, brain waves, genome maps, binary code, algorithms, sound engineering, interactive systems, virtuality and hyper-reality. The media she employs to express her ideas include drawing, sculpture, video, performance, installation, and even Artificial Intelligence and blockchain.

Her work has been exhibited at Praxis Gallery, Diderot Gallery, Pinta Miami Fair, The Bass Museum of Miami, amongst others, and in the Metaverse, in the Museum District. Her work has been portrayed in numerous magazines, as well as her research and thoughts, which have been published in the art magazine “Arte al Día”. She has been selected by Forbes as one of the “35 under 35”. In the last year, Isabel Englebert has been conducting joint research with MIT, in cooperation with a researcher from the Language Lab. She has collaborated with the Lab team, exchanging experiences and knowledge, and conducting field tests related to language and neuroscience, developing a series called “Brain Conversations”.

ichienglebert@gmail.com | isabelenglebert.com | IG @isabelenglebert

Lu Yi-Dan | Ambassador Arte Laguna Prize 19

Lu Yi-Dan – China

Lu Yi-Dan is a digital artist. She was born in China and living in San Francisco now. She spent her early time in stage design at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, Italy. She then moved to San Francisco to pursue a second master’s degree in photography. Yidan‘s work draws on the latest technology to reflect on the underlying architecture of humanity’s society. Her work often examines paradoxes of environmental, ethical, and fundamental morals, and is visually constructed with the aesthetics of stage art. She is also the founder of the Tu1Tu social practice project, which uses big data algorithms to help artists gain support and build social links.

She has been awarded finalist in the digital art section of the 18th edition; 2nd Place in International Photo Awards, 2022; Bronze in Vienna International Awards, 2022; Silver in PX3, 2021; Bronze in Moscow International Foto Awards, 2021, and others.

Luyidan.art@gmail.com | luyidan.net | IG @lu_yidan_dandy

Side Yang | Arte laguna Prize ambassador

Yang Side – China

Founder of VZART Culture & Art Exchange Association and supporter of Italy-San Marino-China cultural exchanges, he is also a forward-looking and exploratory artist with a master’s degree in Visual Arts and Performing Arts.

He is engaged in international and curatorial art analysis and exchanges. He has many years of experience and success in cooperation and liaison between universities, governments and international businesses, as well as in market management and brand marketing. The excellent planning and organization skills, combined with leadership skills, interpersonal relationship management and negotiation have allowed him to become project manager, ambassador and consultant for various institutions in China, Italy and abroad, including the General Chamber of Commerce of Fujian in Italy, CASME – Committee for Investment Development,  Government of Fujian Nanjing County, FISPMED ONLUS – International Federation for Sustainable Development and The Fight against Poverty in the Mediterranean – Black Sea, Alliance of International Contemporary Artists (AICA).  For his experience and knowledge in the artistic field he was appointed Honorary Deputy Director of the Sunshine International Art Museum in Beijing.

Stefano.Yang@hotmail.com | ID WeChat: VZART-Yangside  |  IG: @side.yang

Pjianista - Andrej Josifovski | Arte Laguna Prize ambassador

Andrej Josifovski (PIJANISTA) – Serbia

PhD Andrej Josifovski, an assistant professor at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, specializes in testing architectural constructions using nondestructive methods. Beyond academia, he’s renowned for his murals exhibited globally, notably at prestigious venues like The Cultural Centre of Serbia in Paris and the Venice Biennale of Architecture.

He is also the founder and art director of the International Runaway Street Art Festival and Runaway foundation whose main goals are the affirmation of art and culture. He exhibited at the prestigious exhibition “Arte Laguna Prize” in Venice back in 2021. and he won the award for artistic achievement of the year in Brussels in the organization “Emerging Europe” in the category “People – Art Project”. He won two awards at the 43rd and 45th Salon of Architecture in the field of experiment and research for the realized works “SAVE OUR HOME” and “This WASTE is not a TOY”, and many more prizes.

andrej.arch@gmail.com | pijanista.com  |  IG: @pijanistq

Marzia and Sham | Arte Laguna Prize Ambassador

Marzia Messina and Sham Hinchey – USA

Marzia is an Italian creative and Sham a British photographer, the duo met in Rome where they began a full-time collaboration under the name “Marshamstreet”. They have worked on advertising campaigns for major agencies, their fine art projects have been published and exhibited internationally. Their photography focuses on humankind in all its forms and expressions but also draws on the evocative power of the urban landscape, they feel a calling to forgotten places, where marginal existences thrive despite hardship. They are sensitive to the social themes which touch and beckon them, attracted by the communicative strength of faces and unconventional beauty, through light that reveals, amplifies, or conceals.

They share lives and artistic professions in which personal philosophies and cultural diversity clash but then somehow merge, forming a common language that sometimes triggers an artistic project.

Marzia and Sham live in New York where they continue their professional and artistic careers. They were finalists in the XV edition of the Arte Laguna Prize.

mars@marshamstreet.com | marshamstreet.com | IG: @marsandsham

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