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Maryam Dadkhan | San Francisco Art Residency | 03.11.2018

On Saturday November 3rd, Maryam Dadkhan (1990, Iran) gives a talk at TheShop.build Gallery in San Francisco to present her artistic production to the public.

The young artist has been selected for a period of residency in San Francisco where she had the opportunity to approach the technologies and machinery present at TheShop.build,


Artist: Maryam Dadkhan

Location: TheShop.build Gallery, 910 Howard st, San Francisco USA

Talk with the artist: 3rd November 2018, 6.00 p.m.

a DIY fabrication facility that offers artists Laser cutters, CNC machines, wood, metal and machine shops, as well as the possibility to interact with other artists, in a stimulating environment of mutual help and support.

After having spent the month of October 2018 in San Francisco, on Saturday November 3rd, Maryam Dadkhan meets the public to describe her artistic research based on the relationship between art and technology.
Maryam, who has always been fascinated by the art world, had to obtain a degree in industrial engineering due to the cultural needs of the country where she was born. In 2013 she left Iran to live in Seattle in the United States and here she began to express her passion for art. She realizes her artworks never forgetting her origins and her childhood in Iran, where the technologies were more backward than those used by her American peers. This awareness marked her artistic production that deals with the changes in the world of technology in a humorous way.

CHANGE LOG! Talk with the artist at TheSAhop.build Gallery in San Francisco – Saturday 3rd November from 6p.m. to 10 p.m.

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PREMIO ARTIST IN RESIDENCE   Artista: Maryam Dadkhan  Location: TheShop.build Gallery, 910 Howard st, San Francisco USA  Talk con l'artista: 3 novembre 2018, ore 18
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