The Mercurial Shapes of Villa Roberti | Art, Theater and Artist Residences

The collaborations realized by Arte Laguna Prize are countless and always changing. This is the case of the artist’s residence at Villa Roberti in Brugine carried out by Serena Bellini, winner of the Special Prize for the 16th Edition of Arte Laguna.

The residence, as both the artist and the owners of the Villa enthusiastically stated, has borne fruit not only in terms of artistic production, but also of connections between kindred spirits. Ten days, as pointed out by a collaborator of the Villa, that touched everyone deeply, as if it were destiny that Serena had to live the spaces and its frescoes.

Friday, July 15 at 20.00 in the Hall of Frescoes of Villa Roberti in Brugine, will be presented Rosa. The changing city”, the work created specifically for Villa Roberti by the artist from Trieste Serena Bellini.  Serena Bellini won the Arte Laguna Prize Special Prize thanks to a project that involves the creation of a work that includes elements, ideas, traces, visual references inspired by the Venetian Villa. The painting, or as the artist likes to define them, the picto-sculpture”, in evoking the Invisible Cities” by Italo Calvino, takes its cue from the theme of Ovid’s Metamorphoses of the Hall of Frescos and invents a composition inspired by the theme of the changeable and the provisional as a metaphor for the perpetual repetition of life.

The idea is aimed at building a surface patter design project that expresses my artistic vision focused on the use of the fragment’ initially seen as an element of a decomposed and disintegrated discourse and that, however, through re-composition and multiplication, becomes an integral part of an articulated and organic reasoning, a set of fragments that, as in the multiplication of a cell, gives rise to a new fabric'”, says about her project Serena Bellini, who will be present on Friday at Villa Roberti. For the occasion, drawings, prints and floral-themed fabrics made by the artist will also be exhibited.

Villa Roberti, together with Villa Valmarana ai Nani, Villa San Liberale, Rechsteiner, Castello di Thiene and Villa Montruglio, participates in the widespread exhibition project with the aim of combining historic residences, cultural places of already recognized value, with some works by young contemporary artists.
The presentation of Serena Bellini’s work and the theatrical show will in fact be an opportunity to visit the exhibition Metamorfosi” curated by Arte Laguna Prize in the context of the “Mostre Diffuse in Veneto – The Land of Venice”, on display until December 2022 in the spaces adjacent to the Salone degli Affreschi of Villa Roberti.
Artists on display: Simon Back, Ugo Ricciardi, Mirela Strora, Francesco Fossati.


Opening in the presence of Serena Bellini: Friday, July 15 – h 20 – 21
Theatrical performance (Rassegna Mutevoli Forme): 21:15 – followed by a glass of wine
Open Studio Serena Bellini and collective exhibition Metamorfosi” by Arte Laguna Prize: from 8 pm until the end of the evening