Art Nova 100 Celebrates its 10th Anniversary | 04-10.10.2020

In 2020 Art Nova 100, partner of Arte Laguna Prize since 2014, celebrates its 10th anniversary. On October 4, took place the opening of the great exhibition at the Guardian Art Center in Beijing organized by Art Nova 100 to celebrate this special occasion. Collectors, artists, curators, gallery owners and art lovers of any kind, gathered in this extraordinary exhibition space of 1,500 square meters to savor over 500 works created by young contemporary artists.

The theme of this year’s exhibition is “IN/OUT”, “inside” and “outside”, an invitation to breath, stop and reflect on our condition, especially in such a particular year like 2020. “IN/OUT” symbolizes the importance of renewal in every sector, including the art sector.

Art Nova 100 is one of the most important institutions of the Chinese art scene. Its purpose is the promotion of young international artists in China, favoring a cultural and artistic exchange between West and East. For its annual art exhibitions, Art Nova 100 nominates each year about 100 artists from across China, as well as inviting a small selection of international artists.

In collaboration with Arte Laguna Prize, Art Nova 100 exhibits each year the works of the 10 finalists of the video art section, offering them further visibility. The videos of the finalists of the 14th edition were on display from the 4 to the 10 of October 2020 at the Guardian Art Center. In addition, this year Arte Laguna Prize was invited to join the selection committee of Art Nova 100, thus reinforcing even more the important partnership between these two realities. The large group exhibition includes works ranging from oil painting, to traditional Chinese paintings, engraving, sculpture, installation, video art, digital art, providing a rich and varied picture of the artistic expression of young international talents.

The selected artists for the 2020 edition are: Charif Khalil and Marcos Bonisson (Brazil), Kevin Frech (United States), Gao Yuan (China), Alejandra Glez (Cuba), Shir Handelsman (Israel), Mono | Mento (Portugal), Leonhard Müllner, Robin Klengel and Michael Stumpf (Austria), Kenji Ouellet (Germany), Isabella Perego (Italy), Yu Chin Tseng (Taiwan).

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