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The Unico Group Tells What Art Design is Today

What is UNICO?

UNICO is a project that brings together art desginer Roberta Varteramo, Vanessa Carioggia, director and owner of the Sant’Agostino art house and Michele Bramante, curator and art critic, born with the aim of specifying and increasing a careful sensitivity to the recognition of the beauty contained in the object of art-design, historical and contemporary.

With what intentions did you establish the UNICO group?

Our project intends to deepen this particular area of creative production that combines the uniqueness of the artistic experience with the practical application of the object of use. Born from an idea of Roberta Verteramo, UNICO highlights the hybrid and exclusive nature of the works of Art Design. Art Design obeys the principle of designated use, while safeguarding the uniqueness of the work of art by favoring the experience of beauty as opposed to serial and standardized production. We will try to develop and spread this ideal through conferences, debates and exhibitions that will not have the intention of defining a specific category assigned to Art Design, but to outline a dynamic and open field in the sphere of creative production, distinguishing it from the free and indeterminate action of proper art, as well as from the mere subordination of aesthetics to utility and stylistic seduction in industrial design.

The UNICO group tells its philosophy of Art Design.

The work of Art Design can be used like any other domestic object. On the other hand, once its function has been completed and returned to its pure formal quality, it can be enjoyed like any other plastic composition of aesthetic nature. Any piece of furniture becomes an object of formal contemplation when it is freed from its practical utility, both because it is already putting it into action, and because at a certain moment it is not needed. On the opposite side, the very idea of art design opens up to the possibility, always rejected in the name of the nobility of art, of using aesthetic artefacts when they are equipped with forms suitable for some practical performance. In fact, nothing would forbid the use of a hollow sculpture as a container for fruit, bread or flowers. Part of modern aesthetic philosophy revolves around the separation between the use of the object and the free role of art. The subsequent contemporary thought, of a fluid, hybrid, contaminated, disseminated nature, has not really been able to redefine or completely dissolve the categories. Furthermore, the feeling of beauty has completely lost not only the guide of aesthetic production, but also the dignity of value to which to refer for a judgment of taste or merit. Art Design, migrating between the two categories of art and design, frees itself at the same time from the peculiar problems of the former and the industrious constraints of the latter. It exploits the effortless search for beauty of forms, to which design can devote itself without criticality, to bring it back into an artistic world that unconsciously continues to reject it.

Arte Laguna Prize shares the same goal with the Art Design section. Artists and designers can apply with productions that are born in the artistic field and then find their application in the world of design. Works, products, projects in which the artistic influence and inspiration are clear.


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