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The Finalist Videos At Art Nova 100 | 29.07.2018

The appointment with Art Nova 100 is back again. For the sixth consecutive year, Arte Laguna Prizerenews its partnership with this important institution in the Chinese artistic scene, founded in 2011 with the aim of promoting emerging young artists. For its series of annual art exhibitions and promotion events, Art Nova 100 nominates each year about 100 artists from across China, as well as inviting a small selection of international artists.


Artisti: finalisti video arte 12°edizione

Spazio: Guardian Art Center

Indirizzo: No. 1 Wangfujng Street, Pechino

Mostra: 29 Luglio – 1 Agosto 2018

Over the years, Art Nova 100 has not only improved its national exhibition platform, but also increased its presence overseas, promoting outstanding young artists to new international audiences.

In collaboration with Arte Laguna Prize, Art Nova 100 exhibits each year the works of the 10 finalists of the video art section, offering them more visibility. The videos of the finalists of the 13th edition will be on display from the 8th to the 12th of September at the Guardian Art Center in Beijing, the prestigious exhibition venue that is currently hosting this year’s magnificent group exhibition. The exhibition includes over 600 artworks selected by Art Nova 100. Works on display include oil painting, Chinese painting, engraving, sculpture, installation, video, performance art, and other art forms.

The selected artists for the 2019 edition are: Felix Burger (Germany) / Patrick Doyon (Canada) / Fair Brane (United States) / Valerio Gaken (Russia) / Yammine Maha (Lebanon) / Bia Monteiro (Brasil) / Marie Reber (Swizerland) / Alan Segal (Argentina) / Paula Tyliszczak (Poland) / Alisa Yang (United States).

Date: 29 July -1 August 2018
Location: Guardian Art Center
Address: No. 1 Wangfujng Street, Beijing