Making the value of Nature visible | ARS Special Prize

Among the numerous Special Prizes offered to the artists by Arte Laguna Prize one of the most acknowledge is the one dedicated to Sustainability and Art (ARS). For Arte Laguna Prize 16th Edition, the Special Prize ARS was done in collaboration with NaturaSì and Ca’ Foscari Sostenibile.

The winner of the award was Marina Gasparini, artist of Italian origins whose installations are inspired by iconographies from different eras and cultures adapted to recast the space.
Both partners were taken by her oeuvres and shared the motivations at the base of their choice of Marina as the winner.

For NaturaSì Marina Gasparini’s work struck them because it tells through an immersive experience how a walk in a botanical garden could be; it narrates the value of biodiversity and how precious its protection and conservation are. The artist’s project seemed to them consistent with all these values: delicate and incisive contemporary, able to inhabit different spaces and places, flexible and free like the yarns used in her work, but also like a thread grass moved by the wind.

For Ca’ Foscari University her works and artistic research are striking for their ability to render the fragility and vulnerability of natural elements through works of great visual impact. It’s a project that prompts the viewer to reflect on the value, beauty, and balance that we could lose if we do not protect biodiversity.

During her residency at Tenuta San Michele, Marina Gasparini wants to give continuity to her project on dyeing plants selected for the special Art and Sustainability award. In the places of the estate, a real organism where each living element interacts in unison with the other, she wans to leave a mark that dialogued with the traces of a previous intervention linked to the symbolic value of the Achillea Millefoglie plant entitled ArteBonificaCampagna curated by Silvia Petronici.

The installation by Marina Gasparini on the one hand intends to evoke the iconology of the same plant among whose properties we also find the dyeing ones (from its flowers the yellow color is obtained), on the other hand it also wants to remain in a camouflage and non-invasive mode also through the use of a primary material such as cotton thread.

Some drawings taken from herbariums and botanical treatises depicting the flowers, the stem and the leaves of the plant, will be reproduced with a particular technique that the artist defines as “textile design”. It is a sign obtained with the thread that follows the contours of the original design but freed from its support. What is obtained is an object in transit between one condition and another no longer two-dimensional but not yet completely three-dimensional.


Marina Gasparini meets the public to talk about her experience and her research at Azienda Agricola Biodinamica San Michele.

Date: Sunday 16 October at 14:30
Location: Azienda Agricola Biodinamica San Michele, Via C. Colombo, 71 Cortellazzo di Jesolo (VE)

Event included in the Day “Sow the Future” which includes a rich calendar of activities including the presentation of the company, collective sowing, lunch, meeting with the artist

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