Arte Laguna Prize at 4passi Festival with the artist Varvara Grankova

Arte Laguna Prize will be at 4passi Festival in Treviso, one of the most important national events dedicated to sustainable economy. 4passi has been held in Treviso since 2005 and is organized by the Social Cooperative Pace e Sviluppo.

Arte Laguna Prize presents, during the opening night of the Festival, the work of Varvara Grankova, winner of the ARS Special Prize – Sustainability and Art at the 15th edition of Arte Laguna Prize.

Thanks to the collaboration with Contarina spa, Varvara Grankova will create a site-specific installation under one of the symbolic places of the city, Loggia dei Trecento, during the week before the Festival. The work will be presented to the public on Friday 22 October at 6 pm.

Opening 4passi Festival

Opening: October 22nd, 2021 – 6pm
Location: Loggia dei Trecento – Piazza Indipendenza – Treviso (TV)


Since 2016, with the Sustainability and Art Prize, Arte Laguna Prize has rewarded sustainable, original, and creative art with the aim of raising awareness within the local and international community towards environmental issues. Art is in fact a powerful means of communication that can interpret the problems of contemporary society. The creative world of artists thus becomes the engine for the dissemination of ecological and ethical principles, promoting awareness of the Reuse Recycle Reduce strategies and emphasizing the importance of artistic expression and creativity to convey social and cultural values.

For the 2020 edition, Arte Laguna Prize collaborated with Contarina Spa and the Ca’ Foscari Sostenibile program of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, collecting more than 250 applications among which the Russian artist Varvara Grankova (Moscow, 1988) was chosen with her series of works that deal with the theme of fashion and the overproduction of things and in particular of clothing, which creates enormous volumes of waste, consumes resources and contributes to creating inequalities on a global level between production and consumption areas, where people have opposing living standards.

The artist, after having created the THINGISM work exhibited at the Arsenale Nord of Venice until 21 November 2021, was invited to create the symbolic work of the 2021 edition of 4passiFestival which this year proposes as a central focus the world of sustainable fashion.

For this occasion, Varvara Grankova will create the work Burqa, a project dedicated to the recent political changes taking place in Afghanistan where women’s rights have drastically changed in just one month. Now every woman in the country has the obligation to dress according to religious norms, hiding all parts of her body in order to avoid male attention. Unlike what happens in Western culture where women use many clothes also to attract attention. In this way, the project clearly shows the gap between the attitude towards women and their right to dress for themselves, and their dependence on the male gaze in different cultures.

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