Perchè esporre delle opere d’arte proprio in questo momento?

Why exhibit work of art in this moment?

The pandemic that is upsetting the world attacks not only our body, but also our way of interacting with what surrounds us.
The fear and the worries that come with it put us to the test every day, often forcing us to deal with the most irrational and instinctive part of ourselves.

Many of us think that exhibiting our works of art in these dark times makes no sense, due to the restrictions of a hypothetical lockdown or to respect other priorities.
Therefore, why should we do it?
Simple. Because art is light, hope and beauty.
If the body needs means of protection, tests, safety protocols, the mind needs the awareness of being part of a community that is still capable of reacting and creating wonderful works.

Why enter an art competition right now? Because maybe there will never be a better time. Because it is here and now that the word “art” takes on its highest meaning. Because we owe it to our audience, who expects to receive a response from our works. Because if we didn’t, we would betray the very idea of art.

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