Art Talk "Arte Urbana come motore di Community Building"

Art Talk “Urban Art as an engine of Community Building”

On November 14 at 3 pm, an encounter dedicated to the visions and perspectives of public art will be held in the spaces of the Arsenale Nord in Venice. The art talk, entitled “Urban art as an engine of community building”, will involve some artists whose works have been presented, as finalists, within Arte Laguna Prize 2020-2021. The artists and collectives who will take the stage are  DMAV Social Art Ensemble, Zingarello/Pujia, Mister Caos, Eugenia Naty. There will also be a special guest Andrea Bartoli of Farm Cultural Park who will connect remotely.

But what is public art? It is a language in which the work of art gets off the pedestal to give life to a constant dialogue with the spaces that host it (the city, the natural environment, the most distant places and those closest to us). Thus a creative dialogue is born with the context and with the community through exchanges and encounters that are sometimes unpredictable. It is a dialogue conducted from the inside, in which the space sometimes coincides completely with the work of art, other times it hosts interventions with different forms of expression. Colors, graffiti, neon lights, unexpected encounters between forms, materials, substances draw around us spaces to explore, between critical perspectives, ironic reversals and surprising and unexpected apparitions.

In short, public art is a way to observe the places we live in with new eyes and to see new perspectives and new meanings emerge.

During the talk the artists will make us understand the many creative visions that are generated starting from these premises.


Date: November 14, 3 pm

Location: Arte Laguna Prizze – Arsenale Nord of Venice

How to get there
From P.le Roma or from the train station
Water-bus line 5.2
Bacini/Arsenale Nord stop
(follow the signs for Arte Laguna Prize)

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