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“I” or The String of Time | Wang Jingyun in Villa San Liberale

Culture is born from openness to knowledge and grows in curiosity. This is what we found in Jingyun Wang. Jing is an open and curious Artist, who left China to get to know Venice and the West. The choice to host him was a natural consequence of our decision to open San Liberale to artist residencies, it is our contribution to his creative and inquiring path. We are impatient to see what his poetic and delicate art will be able to develop at Villa San Liberale, which will increasingly want to be a place of meeting and comparison.

Thus began the period of residence of Jingyun Wang, a young artist of Chinese origins, at Villa San Liberale in Feltre, with these words spoken by Ulisse Baldisseri, owner of the Villa and one of the most recent partners of Arte Laguna Prize.
At its 17th edition the Award confirms itself as a pioneer and proponent of an increasingly conspicuous networking, opening in collaboration with visionary owners the doors of historic houses not only for exhibitions and exhibitions, but also artistic residences with an innovative flavor. Here the words Jingyun used to describe his “Residency in Villa” Experience.

Before starting your residency at Villa San Liberale did you have a project in mind? If so, how did it develop? If not, what helped you find the inspiration to make the artwork?
Before arriving, I had two projects in mind.  I had already been visiting the villa in May to evaluate which projects best lent themselves to the actual realization. I wanted the end result to be sweet and harmonious, so as to convey deep and solitary emotions.

Tell us about the project. How was it made? What did you want to achieve?
The project chosen was “I”, or an LED window, made with the help of Hiproject.

What did this experience of residence in a villa in the Dolomites leave you?
It was a completely different experience than my normal life. It made me question everyday reality, making me discover a new sense of passing time, completely different from what I am used to. I had the opportunity to talk several times and do different activities with my guests and different professionals, which allowed me to reflect on gaps in my work, indicating areas where improvement is possible.

After these warm words I can only ask you this: would you recommend other artists to apply to Arte Laguna Prize?
I think residencies are an essential part of the artistic journey, we need to interact with other artists and to gain new experiences and inspirations in new places. The Arte Laguna Prize offers so many different residencies and projects that I think it is a great opportunity for everyone.

If you could use one word to describe the collaboration between you, Villa San Liberale and Arte Laguna Prize, what would it be?
I would use the word String.  I feel a subtle connection between these realities, not to be understood as a rope, but a string, a bond to be carried forward over time.

You are all invited to view the work created by Jingyun Wang during his residency!

Opening: Saturday, December 17
Location: Villa San Liberale, Via S. Liberale 9, Feltre (BL)
Hour: 18h


Hosting Jingyun Wang was a meeting of worlds. When we chose to be the place of an Artist’s Residence, we thought about what we could give, offer, what to do to give value to the Artist’s experience at Villa San Liberale and what we could receive from it. The focus was on the goal, looking at the result (without imagining exactly what it could be): it was when Jing became, albeit temporarily, part of our home, of our family, that we understood the meaning of the Artist Residence. That is not the time that separates the moment when a creative mind receives the key to one of your rooms from the moment in which it will leave traces of its passage. The Residence has been traveled, comparison, dialogue, sharing of times and ideas, bringing together knowledge, people, places, visions. It was openness, sincere and immediate exchange of knowledge, doubts, and expectations. It was undoubtedly a stimulating period, which led us to look ahead, to think about the aftermath, in which the day of departure became a moment of passage and not a limit, a border; a passage towards a poi with Jing, but also a poi with others; it is about wanting to talk, to tell and to know how to listen and understand; It is the choice to walk together looking for points of contact without necessarily wanting to smooth out differences. A beginning, a passage.

Ulisse Baldisseri

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