Made in Italy| Arte Laguna Prize

Made in Italy and Creativity: Effective Collaborations that can make Artists and Companies Grow

Every year Arte Laguna Prize offers a series of collaborations with Made in Italy companies with the aim of connecting creativity with craftsmanship.

For the 13th edition, the opportunities offered to artists and designers are made in collaboration with 47 Anno Domini, Fraccaro Spumadoro, Maglificio Giordano’s and Tessitura Bevilacqua. All companies are based in the Veneto region, which has always been known for its strong artisan and entrepreneurial tradition, and boast an important history in the socio-economic fabric of the region. Each of them will award a prize of 2,000 euros to the winning proposal, which must be in line with their respective philosophy. In particular:


  • 47 Anno Domini (Treviso), an authentic Wine Creative Lab (www.47annodomini.it),requires the presentation of site specific projects iinspired by the conceptual approach of the company that associates wine production and the quality of the products with ideas of beauty, design, relaxation. The production of the winning project, after the awarding of the prize, could be supported by 47 Anno Domini, for this reason artists must also indicate the production costs.
  • Fraccaro Spumadoro (Treviso), historic confectionery company of the Treviso area (www.fraccarospumadoro.it), requires the presentation of works or graphic proposals to be applied to their packagings, always inspired by the key concepts of “excellence and artisan elegance, a story of love and simplicity eighty years long, natural ingredients and sourdough, essentiality”.The goal is to create a packaging prototype with the winning graphics.
  • Maglificio Giordano’s (Cappella Maggiore,TV) (www.maglificiogiordanos.com) will evaluate works or art projects extended also to photography, video art, performance where the connection with the fashion world is predominant. The company, since it was founded in 1948, has been an international reference point for the most important brands in the fashion scene worldwide.
  • Tessitura Bevilacqua (Venezia) (www.luigi-bevilacqua.com). To win the fourth collaboration, the project needs to involve the use of the Bevilacqua fabric, which will be supplied by the company during the creation phase, in addition to the prize, the precious fabric Velvet Soprarizzo Leoni, worth 2.000 euros.

The participation process in the Business for Art section is the same for the 4 companies involved and requires to fill in a form with a dedicated project. Participation is free of charge for all those who apply to one of the sections of Arte Laguna Prize, the form will be sent by email; whereas there is a reduced fee for those who want to apply only to this section.


The awarding ceremony will take place on March 16th 2019 in a prestigios venue, the Arsenale of Venice during the opening of the finalists’ exhibition of the 13th International Arte Laguna Prize with an audience of over 3,000 people

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