Luisa Turuani - Killing Me Softly

The Deep Meaning of Being Human | Luisa Turuani in Villa Rechsteiner

From Venice to all over the world. Arte Laguna Prize aims to spread news and connect its artists thanks to an ever growing series of art residencies, collaborations and exhibitions.

Among the winners of the artist in Residency Special Prize of Arte Laguna Prize 16 there is Luisa Turuani, who recently finished her stay at Villa Rechsteiner (Oderzo, Italy) where se was able to create not one, but two artworks strictly connected with the environment that welcomed her.

We asked her about her experience and what it meant for her being able to be part of all of this. Here her answers!


1) If you could use just one word to describe your art, what would it be?

2) You have just finished your period of residence at Villa Rechsteiner, can you tell us about the projects you have carried out in these 10 days? What motivated you to make them?
“Killing me softly” is a flag of peace whose colored bands are composed of tanks of the Risk. The difference between the general vision of the work and the detail generates a disturbing disorientation and a conceptual rolling made of paradoxical questions and answers. On the one hand the work suggests a desire for peace, but on the other hand the plot, made up of very small tanks, makes us think of the dubious ways in which peace is often achieved: violence, oppression, hatred. To what extent does the end justify the means? Simone Weil, in one of her dazzling texts, asked: “What prevents me from gouging out that man’s eyes, even if I have permission and it amuses me?”. I think that my project wants to embody this question, or rather embody a desire for deep meaning concerning the essence of the human. The work was set up in an icebox, used as a bunker in World War II; It is an extremely threatening object because the barrels of the cannons simultaneously point at the observer, but on the other hand its lowered and modest position transforms it into a very fragile, shy, almost embarrassed thing.
In the last days of residency I realized a site-specific project inside the park, entitled “Timeline”. With many ropes of different colors I measured the circumferences of the trees; I then sequenced all the ropes creating a single very long line in the park path. Since the circumferences of trees correspond to their life time, it can be said that people, walking, are not only in a space, but also in an extremely dilated time than the one only present. I like the idea that time is running out and that people, walking in the park, are walking hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

3) In talking about yourself you say that you try to show the limit after which something can turn into its opposite; What is this limit, and why is it to be considered as such?
Reality gets out of hand and even if we do everything to take it over, it will escape again and again. On the one hand this slipping brings fear and anguish, but at the same time this impossibility makes man free. I think my work showcases the nature and consequences of human limitation: heroism and failure, irony and restlessness, faith and reason.

4) Where do you draw inspiration for your work?
The works feed on everything that does not find an answer, on something that, like an obsession, accompanies you for better or for worse. From a practical point of view I feed on books, films, meetings, experiences, trying to live everything in the most disarmed form possible.

5) You are not only one of the winners of the special prizes, but also one of the finalists of Arte Laguna Prize 16! How did you feel when you heard about this double result?
I am honored that my work has been doubly recognized within an internationally renowned Award. It is a great joy not only for me but also for those who believe in my research. I am very happy because the Prize is not only a competition, but above all a total experience through which you can deepen your research, meet people, exchange ideas, learn about unexpected worlds and ways! I am happy to have come into contact with a network that offers great human and professional opportunities.


The works by Luisa Turuani will be presented to the public during the “Venetian Villas Day”.

Date: October 23, 2022
Hour: from 9:30 am
Location: Villa Rechsteiner, RECHSTEINER WINE & AGRITURISM – Via Frassenè, 2, Piavon (TV)

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