SEME_Vittorio Mandelli

Planting a seed is believing in the future | Arte Laguna Prize & Bios Line launch the artwork SEME

Many years ago, from a small cedar seed was born a plant destined to become a magnificent large tree. Many people admired it and were able to enjoy its shade and scent. After two hundred years of long life he had to be cut and his trunk put to rest. A young sculptor found it and decided to make it a work of art. Transforming the trunk has made it return seed, symbol of regeneration of nature and beginning of every life (Maurizio Dall’Anese – Bios Line).


Often even the most apparently distant realities can converge and create something innovative. This is the goal that arte Laguna Prize sets itself every year in creating the Special Award “Business for Art”, in collaboration with local companies for the creation of creative projects that aim to enhance the reality that selects and promotes them.

The collaboration between Arte Laguna Prize and Bios Line (partner of the Special Prize “Business for Art”, as part of the 16th edition of the Prize) saw Vittorio Mandelli (born in 1998) as winner of the prize: a sculptor and lover of wood, a living material through which he brings to life natural elements only apparently devoid of soul.

“I don’t like to close myself in on a definition and when they ask me what I do, my answer is: I do things. I strongly believe in the concept of the intelligence of one’s own hands” – Vittorio Mandelli

SEME is the name of the work created and installed in the garden in front of the company’s entrance. Sculpture-symbol of rebirth, growth and strength, where the motto chosen for the collaboration (Nature becomes Art ed.) seems to make its way through the 36 grooves carved into the surface of the work (like the 36 years since the foundation of Bios Line) until it reaches the viewer.

Bios Line selected Mandelli’s project for the highly significant value of the seed, a germinal and founding element of any natural element, and the realization of the wooden work, an element linked to the history of man and his creations. By joining forces, it was possible to give life to a creative regeneration where Man and Nature collaborated by planting the first seed of a fruitful collaboration.

“Bios Line has always looked at art with great interest and always wants to deal with this fascinating world. This year we decided to set up a call to design and create the first work of art in the company and it seemed perfect to turn to Arte Laguna Prize to take advantage of their experience and get in touch with young artists from all over the world who interpreted our request. The feedback was remarkable and seeing finally completed and installed in the company the work “SEME” by the young Italian sculptor Vittorio Mandelli, filled us with satisfaction. My thanks therefore to Arte Laguna Prize and all its collaborators for sharing with us this unforgettable experience that has enriched and excited us” – Paolo Tramonti