Yohy Suarez at Espronceda | Arte Laguna Prize

Yohy Suarez | Espronceda Art Residency

Arte Laguna Prize has been working for 16 years with high-level international partners to offer artists opportunities for professional growth all over the world. In 2021, thanks to his participation in the 15th edition of Arte Laguna Prize, the young Cuban artist Yohy Suarez (Havana, 1989) was chosen by Espronceda, an innovative contemporary art center located in the heart of Barcelona, to experience an art residency at their venue.

With its art residency program, Espronceda aims to provide a work space for international artists, both emerging and established, supporting them in the development of their works and their creativity. Espronceda has transformed former industrial spaces into an avant-garde melting pot for culture and art where artists can create new works in a vibrant and multicultural environment.

During his stay, Yohy says that he was inspired by the city, by the places he saw and by the people he met, giving life to a profitable series of drawings that were presented during the Open Studio which was held in December 2021. Particularly noteworthy is the large reproduction of the Sagrada Familia made with charcoal, evidence of its unique way of communicating with urban reality and of the energy given by being present in places, recreating their stories.

Yohy’s experience was so positive that Savina Tarsitano, curator of Espronceda, suggested that the artist return in the spring for a solo exhibition that will rivisit his stay in Barcelona.

Yohy Suarez | Arte Laguna Prize

Yohy Suarez

Yohy Suarez is a young Cuban artist who lives and works in Havana. In 2010 he graduated with honors from the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts. The fundamental focus of his works is the anthropological value of the image. Over the years he has developed a type of painting in which photograpy and drawing come together in a language of great expressive precision.

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Do you want to be the next artist to be able to live this experience?

The collaboration between Arte Laguna Prize and Espronceda continues also for 2022.  There is still a week left, upload your cover letter by January 31st and take this opportunity.