Art Nova 100 | Arte Laguna Prize

Arte Laguna Prize at the Guardian Art Center in Beijing

Every year, the video art & short films section finalists of Arte Laguna Prize take part in the Art Nova 100 Annual Exhibition that takes place at the Guardina Art Center, in Beijing.

The cooperation between Arte Laguna Prize and Art Nova 100 continually provides the opportunity for cultural communication between China and Italy and a great opportunity for many artists coming from different part of the world, creating learning chances for all.

The Edition 2021 opens on December 18 with the VIP Day and the Opening Ceremony and Arte Laguna Prize video art finalists – Alexandre Erre, Anna Skoromnaya, Francesca Leoni & Davide Mastrangelo, Giorgia Maria Malandrino, Honey & Bunny, Lume Project, Laura Magnusson, Marco Bizzarri, Marshamstreet, Rebeca Mendez – are on show until December 31.

2021 Art Nova 100 Annual Exhibition

Opening ceremony: 18 December 2021  15:00 (VIP only)
Opening day: 19-31 December 2021
Location: Guardian Art Center (No.1 Wangfujing Street, Beijing)

Art Nova 100 is the annual young art event that for this edition is coming with a professional selection, diverse cutting-edge art forms, a wide variety of interesting experiential activities, and a carnival-style exhibition atmosphere!

2021 “Art Nova 100” Annual Exhibition is held in Guardian Art Center from 19 December to 31 December 2021. 2021 is the first year after the first decade of Art Nova 100. “Ten” does not mean the end of a stage, while “one” is the beginning of a brand new start. Born from “zero”, growing from “one”, art is a circle of life with strong vitality.  In this year, “Art Nova 100” sees art as a medium, discovering more possibilities beyond art while being more diversified, younger, more abundant, and more international compared with exhibitions in previous years. There are nearly 400 incredible artworks from 100 outstanding young contemporary artists among which there are the finalists of Arte Laguna Prize video art section that from the Arsenale of Venice have flight to Beijing.


For the 2022 edition, Art Nova 100 will exhibit the video art finalists of Arte Laguna Prize 16. You can be the next to show your video at the Guardian Art Center in Beijing. Applications are open until December 21.

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