Ermina Apostolaki | A heart-warming experience in Farm Cultural Park

Every year Arte Laguna Prize gives the participating artists the opportunity to take part in residencies and special prizes in collaboration with exceptional partners, expanding its network and creating new opportunities for these talents of the contemporary art system.

For four editions, Arte Laguna has been collaborating with Farm Cultural Park, an independent cultural center located in the heart of Favara (Sicily) that has become an engine of urban and social regeneration of the territory.
A space to grow and create under the aegis of familiarity and innovation, the residencies at this center attract numerous artists.

Ermina Apostolaki, a young artist of Greek origin selected among the participants of the 15th Edition of Arte Laguna Prize was in residence from 7 to 14 March 2022. She shared her experience giving some suggestions to artists who would like to live a similar adventure. Below is a short interview:

Hi Ermina, thanks for being here. You have just finished your residency with Farm Cultural Park, can you tell us something about your experience?

My residency in Farm Cultural Park was a moving experience, especially thanks to Andrea Bartoli and Florinda Saleva (its founders) and the people who collaborated with the institution. Their hard work and devotion to their goals gave me a boost of optimism in much-needed times. This residency was very emotionally charged as I am deeply attached to the origin of my artwork, and I was happy to have the chance to present it for the first time in public.

It’s nice to know that the residence from Farm Cultural Park has left you with similar memories. Would you suggest to the artists of Arte Laguna Prize to participate in one of the proposed residencies?
I highly recommend the artists of the Arte Laguna Prize to participate in one of the residencies. Given my fruitful experience I believe that the opportunity to work in a new gallery or institution can be a moment of rebirth for an artist, both in terms of motivation and inspiration.

What advice would you give to an artist who would like to apply for a residency?
My advice is to carefully evaluate the residences offered and what is required. This would create a common ground between their interests, style and artistic practice and galleries and institutions, increasing the possibility of being chosen.

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