Yu Borou


Borou Yu | Arte Laguna PrizeBorou Yu
Changchun, China 1994

Xingqi: Consciousness

Art section: Performance

Dimensions: Variables

Year: 2022

Technique: Projection

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XingQi · Consciousness is a multimedia and site-specific dance film combining classical aesthetics and contemporary media techniques. The choreography, playwright and composition are based on the historical research of the imperial kiln factory, the unearthed ceramic gene bank and blue-and-white porcelain craftsmanship, as well as the performance space of the imperial kiln museum and the cultural relic site. Through the dialogue between body language, projection mapping and camera movement, the performance connects the material, space, media art and spirit, interpreting the imperial kiln aesthetics of the broken and eternal, and the spirit of tenacious, distant and romantic.

XingQi Series are created during the Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum Art Residency, featured at “Imperial Kiln Universe, Mysterial of Blue and White” Special Exhibition, 2022 IRCAM FORUM at NYU, 2022 Hangzhou Binjiang International Dance Festival, and the Permanent Collection of the Imperial Kiln Museum. Director: Anna Borou Yu Playwright: Anna Borou Yu Producer: Anna Borou Yu Executive Producer: Jiajian Min Line Producer: Jiahua Hao Choreographer: Xiaoyun Fan Rehearsal Director: Yang Wu Performers: Jiabin Huang, Limei Zhou Costume: Jing Luo, Yuhong Tang, Xiaolin Zhang, Jingchun Ni Composers: Tiange Zhou, Hangfeng Sun Director of Photography: Shiqi Yin, Zhiyi Wang Technicians: Zhipeng Wang, Wenxuan Qi New Media Art: Anna Borou Yu, Jiajian Min Editors: Anna Borou Yu, Jiajian Min Special Thanks: Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum, Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture Tourism Group, Wellspring Movement, Beijing Normal University “Future Design Seed Fund”