Espronceda | Barcelona, Spain

Espronceda | Arte Laguna Prize

Espronceda – founded in 2013 in Barcelona – is an innovative and contemporary art centre, exhibition and work space. It provides a platform and a multi-disciplinary environment for artists, curators and everybody else who believes in the importance of art, culture and education for more creativity and a better world.

Espronceda organizes: Artist in Residence Program, Curator in Residence Program, educational and cultural activities. It fosters established and aspiring international artists to develop their works and creativity and to spread their inspiration beyond their physical stay in the space. It transformed former industrial spaces into a state‐of‐the‐art melting pot for culture and art.

Espronceda encourages the connection with the local community and the creation of a global network among artists, companies, cultural and art institutions for a social change through art.


Larisse Hall | Arte Laguna Prize

Larisse Hall
(South Island, New Zealand)

Winner at 16th edition

Yohy Suarez | ArteLagunaPrize

Yohy Suarez
(La Habana, Cuba)

Winner at 15th edition

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Lorenzo Papanti | ArteLagunaPrize

Lorenzo Papanti
(Pisa, Italy)

Winner at 15th edition

Espronceda | Arte Laguna Prize

Sei Yamazaki
(Saga, Japan)
Winner at 14th edition

Sei Yamazaki | Arte Laguna Prize

Hee Sook Kim
(Seul, South Korea)
Winner at 14th edition

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Hee Sook Kim | Arte Laguna Prize

Clara Lotta Dittmer
(Hamburg, Germany)

Winner at 13th edition

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Clara Lotta Dittmer | Arte Laguna Prize

Dalia Baassiri
(Sidon, Lebanon)

Winner at 12th edition

Dalia Baassiri | Arte Laguna Prize

Sanja Milenkovic
(Niš, Serbia)

Winner at 11th edition

Sanja Milenkovic | Arte Laguna Prize

HC Berg
(Esbo, Finland)

Winner at 10th edition


  • Art Residency of 4 weeks for 1 artist + final exhibition

  • The residency includes:
  • - accommodation
  • - curatorial assistance
  • - studio
  • - support for materials
  • - final exhibition or another public activity
  • - involvement in the activities realized by the art centre

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