Gomes Heriberto


Heriberto Gomes | Arte Laguna PrizeHeriberto Gomes
Caracas, Venezuela 1972

41.390547, 2.167402

Art section: Urban Art

Year: 2021

Materials: Canva, engraving, steps

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The immortality of the moment

In this series, I work with the intentionality of the inert moment that passes in the middle of the journeys of our daily life, in which we walk through our cities in an automatic mode or focused on our thoughts, abstracted from our day-to-day life, on our interests.

I try to leave on the canvas of this work the record of those moments that do not return, that are written without being able to erase them, remaining reflected for the future.

Moments in which our consciousness leaves us in the hands of spontaneity, and we can interact with the work, in some cases without knowing exactly its intention, in others without even knowing that we are interacting with the work and in others with all the knowledge and intention to mark that canvas to leave traces and to immortalize that moment.

We not only leave traces in the world, on the planet, if not in the lives of other people, in the lives of all human beings with whom we interact directly and indirectly, that is why we must be aware that every second of our lives could leave a record, a footprint that can impact other lives.

The immortality of the moment are the footprints we leave on the planet. Some want to leave a mark and cannot, others leave a mark without even knowing it. The title of each work is composed of:
– Coordinates of the place
– Time that was exposed
– Reference photo