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Mala Danylivka, Ukraine 1996

Arkvàr Lumo – Vàr

Art selection: Painting

Dimensions: 110 x 70 cm

Year: 2022

Materials: Oil on canvas

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“Vàr” is part of a polyptych called “Arkvàr Lumo”. “Arkvàr Lumo” is a journey of rediscovered light that comes from a soul to illuminate its past. It’s an autobiographical painting. Vàr is the gate. For me it was the moment when, after a long time, I came out of the darkness. The receptive water represents intuition and the light finally filters copiously into life. Even when it seems that the body is immovable, we can find the strength to lift it. There is a very powerful part in each of us which is the will, capable of moving mountains.