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Biorepack is the National Consortium for the organic recycling of biodegradable and compostable plastic packaging, established on November 26, 2018 under Article 223, Legislative Decree 152/2006.

Biorepack deals with the end-of-life management of compostable bioplastic packaging in the separate collection and recycling circuit of the organic fraction of municipal waste, and pursues the optimization of the end-of-life management of compostable bioplastic packaging: from the promotion of its labeling to its recognizability, from the correct contribution by citizens in the separate collection of domestic wet waste to ensuring the achievement of recycling targets through composting, including through specific communication campaigns.

Specifically, Biorepack is in charge of promoting the separate collection of biodegradable and compostable plastic packaging waste and similar fractions, also taking care of their organic recycling dimension in composting plants, as well as the monitoring of the packaging release for consumption and labeling, which is necessary for the proper management of these materials within the separate collection.

Biorepack also oversees the implementation of information and/or communication campaigns to raise awareness and guide citizens and consumers on the correct way to use, deliver and recycle packaging.

The call requires artists to present a specific work or project with the material Bioplastics, highlighting its life cycle, positive impact on nature and the lives of citizens. In particular, it aims to enhance the transformative cycle of the material, which from waste becomes a new resource, for the activation of circular economies.


Mario Valdès vincitore del premio speciale Energiapuntozero


The artist has valued the territory and sustainability in a very sensitive, but at the same time innovative. He was able to transform the trees into themselves, giving them new life and new meaning. The concept of sustainable energy is akin to this type of intervention, promoting the transformation of natural elements into clean energy, therefore the Valdès project has conquered the company visually and emotionally.


  • Prize of € 4.000 for a project or work in support of sustainability and recycling of bioplastics.

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