Riva 1920 | Cantù, Italy

Riva | ArteLaguna

Cantù, Italy

For years Riva has been making furniture items that defy the passing of time and respect nature.
It all starts in 1920 in a family-run artisan workshop using exclusively solid wood. In 1992 Riva turns into a company and it exhibits for the first time at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. Over the years it has started new collaborations with several designers and thanks to the natural finishing touches, to the warmth of wood and to the support of a smart design, the products start to be appreciated also abroad and Riva Arredamenti becomes R1920.
Riva also creates a Museum of tools and machines for wood working, collected both in Italy and Europe, which over the years has gathered about 2,800 items. In 2010 the new showroom of about 3,000 squared meters is created.
Today Riva is continuing to work as it did as an artisan workshop, the number of designers and architects of worldwide popularity is in constant growth and challenges are ambitious, such as the production of furniture made in unusual wood like cedar, the thousands-year-old kauri wood from New Zealand and the Briccola wood from Venice.
Riva 1920 is also involved in several cultural projects and social initiatives, such as the creative competitions aimed at young designers and architects and the project for the salvage of the disused barrel wood from the Community of San Patrignano, which is reused and worked by the young guests of the center in order to create new design works.


Riva | ArteLaguna

Massimiliano Magrini
(Ancona, Italy)
Bricco Garden, 2016

Winner at 10th edition

Riva | ArteLaguna

Michele Arcarese and Pierre Busnelli
(Rome, Italy)
BRI.POP, 2015

Winner at 9th edition

Riva | ArteLaguna

Gian Giacomo Borin
(Venice, Italy)
Briccolight, 2014

Winner at 8th edition


  • Collaboration with a Made in Italy excellent company
  • 10-day stay to realize the project

  • The prize includes:
  • - accommodation
  • - creation of an object or work using briccola wood
  • - materials
  • - assistance
  • - the product created will be presented at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan