Deglupta | Venice, Italy

Deglupta | ArteLaguna

Venice, Italy

Deglupta is an Italian company that makes use of creativity alone to create bags and accessories for women and men by using leathers and fabrics painted by artists and then sewn entirely by hand by skilled craftsmen. The results are unique and first-rate pieces of art, the outcome of creativity and ongoing research, both in the choice of artists and in the selection of raw materials used for production.

Artists interested in this Special Award shall provide some images of paintings on canvas that can be turned into bags. Among these sumissions, the company Deglupta will select the winning one.
Since the creations of Deglupta are handcrafted, special consideration will be given to abstract representations, because in them the subsequent cuttings and seams would not compromise the overall meaning and harmony of the painted canvas.

Deglupta will collaborate with the winning artist for a limited edition of the next collection spring-summer 2017, ranging from handbags to possibly some piece of furniture. The company will provide the primary materials for the creation of painted canvases and it will ensure the placement of the creations in some of the best boutiques in Italy.


Deglupta | ArteLaguna

Aaliyah Navras
(Krasnik, Poland)

Winner at 11th edition

Deglupta | ArteLaguna

Januario Jano
(Luanda, Angola)

Winner at 10th edition


  • Prize of 5,000 Euro for the winning project.

  • The prize includes:
  • - materials supply
  • (leather or fabric, paints)
  • - delivery and pick up of the materials
  • - realization of the products
  • - placement of the products
  • in some boutiques in Italy
  • - final exhibition