Informatic All | Padova and Treviso, Italy

Informati All | Arte Laguna Prize

Informatic All S.r.l has been operating in the IT sector since 2004, specializing in the field of management applications, software development and computer security.
It offers advanced solutions for the transformation of companies by proposing IT solutions to increase productivity.
Informatic All S.r.l constantly invests in research and development, thus introducing solutions for Cybersecurity and innovative Software Solutions related to emerging issues such as mobility, Web Collaboration, sharing and use through “cloud” applications.
Informatic All S.r.l’s solutions simplify the daily activities of salesmen, entrepreneurs and SMEs by facilitating the Management of the Company Business in a simple, efficient and complete way.


Participation requires the presentation of images, digital files, videos, NFT, which communicates the importance of digital transformation in companies. The winning image will be used for the brand’s communication actions. The winner will assign to the Company all rights of industrial property, intellectual property and exploitation of image, without prejudice to the recognition of the moral right of the author.


Pavel Kiselev | Arte Laguna Prize

Pavel Kiselev
(Moscow, Russia)

Winner at 14th edition

Akihiko Sugiura | Arte Laguna Prize

Akihiko Sugiura
(Hyogo, Japan)

Winner at 13th edition


  • Prize of 3000€ net for the winning proposal.

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