Cross Cultural Collaborative | Accra, Ghana

Cross Cultural Collaborative, Inc. is a research center and meeting place for exhibits, community based art workshops, performances, conferences, classes and other venues that relate to cultural awareness and appreciation. In the true spirit of creativity CCC, Inc. is an evolving group of people excited about new ways of thinking about world heritage and culture.

Workshops are held at our center located next to the ocean in a suburb of Accra. We provide double occupancy guest rooms with private bath, studio space and gallery. Meals are prepared by a local cook and there are many opportunities to socialize with Ghanaians and visit sites of historical interest. CCC, Inc. has a Ghanaian staff, resident manager and is in a gated community. There are clinics and hospitals nearby.

Cross Cultural Collaborative is dedicated to bringing people from different cultures to Ghana. We believe that by interacting with others you open yourself to new ideas and ways of finding universal connections.

Artists will have the opportunity to work independently and collaboratively, to meet indigenous artisans and to be immersed in the local culture.By experiencing  another culture you learn more about your own.

Our mission is to make a better world through the language of art.



Anticipating 2020s | Arte Laguna Prize


  • 14 days at Aba House in Nungua, a fishing village in a suburb of Accra in Ghana.

  • The Prize offers to the winning artist an opportunity to promote artistic creation through interaction between African and non-African artists.
  • The residency includes:
  • - Airport pickup
  • - Orientation
  • - Accommodations and Work space