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Patty Carroll - Giudecca795

Anonymous Women
Personal Exhibition of Patty carroll

Winner of the Special Prize
Galleria Giudecca795 - Venice
opened until 18th March 2012
Finissage: Friday 16th November 2012 from 11am to 6pm
Info: www.giudecca795.com

Anonymous Women

Making a home, whatever through physical renovation or an internal sense of comfort, remains a constant, universal issue for many women. In an atmosphere of perceived external threats to safety and security, the home takes on more importance; it is a source of calm and refuge, but it is also a place that is often overly decorated, orderly to the point of perfection, and excessive as an expression of woman’s status. As a woman artist, I am addressing the double edge of domesticity; the home provides comfort but can also be place where embellishment can substitute for internal ills, or hide personal truths

Fondamenta S.Biagio 795 - 30133 Venice
tel (+39) 3408798327