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Mariantonietta Bagliato - Art Stays Festival

Presentation of the new project of Mariantonietta Bagliato

Winner Artist of the Special Prize "Artist in Residence - Art Stays"

23th July from 1 to 2 p.m.
Open Atelier of Mariantonietta

25 July at 6 p.m.
Personal exhibition

9th Art Stays Festival - Ptuj (Slovenia)
from 22nd July to5th September 2011
Info: www.artstays.si

"ACQUARIUM" - Mariantonietta Bagliato

The Winner of the Artist in Residence Art Stays - Prize Arte Laguna, the young artist Mariantonietta Bagliato (Bari, 1985), is invited to attend the 9th International Festival of Contemporary Art ART STAYS 2011.

The artist has been selected due to the intensity of her experimentation, the creation of articulated installations through which she connects shapes, colors, whispered words as visual elements, composed into new forms of synthesis and re-composition.

Bagliato's work represents a dialogue between the borders of outstanding forms, a meeting of cultures and simple materials that reflect a fabric through which she explores identity, tradition, imagination, illusions, and connections, the same elements that simulate or alter reality.
On these principles, Mariantonietta Bagliato will present during ART STAYS a previously unseen work called Aquarium, where a dense group of fish that swim in the air will be enlivened by the intervention of the audience, which will be invited to interact by blowing soap bubbles.
The new project, ironically joking with the recorder sound of surrondings and the creation of fish made of various colored fabrics as the artist writes that "they have the power to refer to the synesthetic human nature and to evoke fragments living and fixed in the collective memory and in which anyone can review parts of himself "; will be a provocative and ironic representation of the current condition of society.

9th Art Stays Festival - Ptuj (Slovenia)
from 22nd July to5th September 2011