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Chen Zhuo+Huang Keyi

Winners of the Special Prize Abnormals Gallery
Opening: 15th of April 2011, at 7.00 pm
Dates: 15 - 22 April 2011


Chinese Carnival

Chen Zhuo and Huang Keyi are two artists from China that find digital photography and video art the perfect marriage of media for their exuberant view of the new China.
They say, “some of our works become more real than reality, while others convert reality into fiction.”
The China Carnival series portrays the country as a frenzied fun park where Chairman Mao gives his blessing to roller-coaster riders, romantic love merges happily with shopping,
and the sky is too blue to be true. But there’s a grim subtext to these pictures, seen in the identical faces and robotic poses of the crowds, and in the red balloons that resemble spatters of blood.

“This is an age of craziness. We have no choice but to be insanely excited and scream and shake as we go faster and faster.”

Chen Zhuo and Huang Keyi are the winners of the 5th Arte Laguna Prize and as a part of the "Special Prize",  were selected by the Abnormals Gallery in Berlin to have their works exhibited.

Chen Zhuo and Huang Keyi - Chinese Carnival
Opening: 15 Aprile 2011, ore 19.00
Dates: dal 15 al 22 Aprile 2011

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