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Chiara Sorgato


Personal Exhibition of Chiara Sorgato
winner of the Special Prize
L'Occhio Art Gallery - Venice

Opening: Saturday 11st of Septenber 2010 at 6.00 pm
Date: from 11st to 30th September 2010
Info: www.gallerialocchio.net 

Personal Exhibition of Chiara Sorgato

Opens Saturday 11st September 2010 at 6.00 pm at the Galleria d'Arte L'Occhio in Venice, "Vivace isteria", the personal exhibition of Chiara Sorgato, artist selected  for the 2009 edition Special Awards of the International Arte Laguna Prize.

The work of the young artist,  on one hand is strongly based on the figurative, on the other is not simply the pure representation of reality.  Through his works, Chiara Sorgato wants to restore a personal vision of human beings, spaces and relationships that form between people and things: the starting point is almost always a story, a tale, a news or a dream, but his vision is often haunted, alienated, sad, suspended between the real and the surreal. The artist thus seeks to open doors to places of imagination, not fully recognized or contextualized, and organizes the scene as an omniscient director, leaving a spacious breath but surrounded with metaphors and symbolic details, emblematic, derived from free association of minds and your personal taste.

Chiara Sorgato - presonal exhibition
Opening: SATURDAY 11st of SEPTEMBER at 6.00 pm
From the 11st to the 30th of September 2010

Dorsoduro 181, 30123 Venice
T. +39 041 5226550
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