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Gabor Szenteleki


Personal Exhibition of Gabor Szenteleki
winner of the Special Prize Dell'Ombra Gallery - Brescia
dates: 19th November - 14th December 2010
info: www.galleriadellombra.it

Next Exhibition:
Special Prize Perelà Gallery - Venice
Info: www.galleriaperela.it
date: to be defined

Everyday stories

Opens Friday, 19th November 2010 at the Galleria Dell’Ombra in Brescia the personal exhibition of Gábor Szenteleki entitled Daily Stories, which will be open to the public until 14 December.

The exhibition that started from the important cooperative project between the Gallery and the International Art Prize Arte Laguna, will present 13 works which on a path marked by the clearness and the colors of faces and places canvas’ protagonists, introduce the viewer to the enigmatic and complex world of the young Hungarian artist, who won the Special Prize "Galleria Dell’Ombra" of the last edition of the competition.
The fact staged by Gábor Szenteleki is featured by a dazzling clarity that communicates, to who look at his works,  a sort of strangeness of  these figures, whose gestures and expressions become at the same time, symbolic representations of the great themes of human life questioned in the paintings.

The artist's love for painting - marked by a process of reinterpretation of traditional art forms that will not distort the original meaning but only to draw their permanent actuality - is manifested in the constant research and experimentation and it avoids that the lesson of the great masters is entailed in a simple imitation. His attention to the smallest details, his elegant style, appear to be totally relate to the painting project, avoiding the pitfalls of a formal rigidity.

With paintings loaded of tense and suggestion, with figures in motion and facial expressions, the artist questions the power of expressiveness to represent the human being’s feelings. It could be affirmed that the work of Szenteleki are a mere overview of human feelings. Classic motifs of painting, from the hot play of shadows to the strict control of light, from the laying of the canonical models to the artistic performance accurately they go far beyond mere appearance, irresistible show of the subject itself with its traditional values, his existential universe, in a virtuous circle of references to past artists and contemporary art openings, to the man of our times. [On the critique of Adam Winter]

Gabor Szenteleki - Everyday Stories
Opening: Friday 19 November 2010 19:00
Exhibition dates: from November 19 to December 14, 2010

Via Nino Bixio 14 / a, Brescia
T: 39 030 2403 319
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.