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Monika Grycko


Personal exhibition of Monika Grycko
winner of the Special Prize:
Bianca Maria Rizzi Gallery - Milano
dates: from 28th September to 26th October 2010
info: www.galleriabiancamariarizzi.com

Next Exhibition:
Fiorella Pieri Gallery – Cesena (FC)
info: www.galleriapieri.com
Date: be defined

From animal to human: an incredible story

The Bianca Maria Rizzi Gallery will open on Tuesday 28th September 2010 at 6:00 pm in Milan, the exhibition of Monika Grycko, Polish artist selected for the special prize of the International Arte Laguna Prize 2009.

The exhibition presents a series of ceramic sculptures in a fascinating and visionary path. The anthropomorphic figures and parts of hybrid beings evoke mythological creatures that return to the viewer the Polish artist's personal vision of mankind and they become scary icons of our nature, in constant tension between reality and fantasy, primitive state and evolution.

The work of Monika Grycko has always focused on the study of the figure and human nature in relationwith the surrounding environment, she talked about the human capacity to adapt to changes and to transformations, whether thery are natural or induced, of the reality that he lives in.

As pointed out by Cecilia Maria di Bona in the critical text that accompanies the exhibition, "Look at the sculptures of this young Polish is almost like stepping into a laboratory for ethno-anthropological analysis focusing on human evolution; but at the same time, one realizes how her high sensitivity – thanks to keen empathy and emotional intelligence – is able to identify, more than the scientific fact, the subjective experience of disorientation and alienation, arising from failures and personal tears that the inner incomprehensibility of man's evolutionary destiny brought in the man, and particularly in that one more vulnerable and sensitive. ".

Monika Grycko Personal Exhibition

Opening: Tuesday 28th of September at 6.00 p.m.
from the 28th September to the 26th October 2010

Via Molino delle Armi, 3 - 20123 Milano (Italy)
tel: +39 0258314940

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