Fiorella Fontana (Italy)

Personal Exhibition of Fiorella Fontana
winner of the Special Prize De Faveri Gallery, Feltre (BL)
Curated by SIVA

Vernissage: Saturday 5th June 2010 at 6.00 pm 
Open from 5th to 27th June 2010



Opens Saturday 5th June 2010 at 18.00 at the De Faveri Art Gallery in Feltre, PAGAN POETRY, a personal exhibition of the artist Fiorella Fontana - Painting Section finalist of Arte Laguna Prize 2009 - curated by SIVA.

The exhibition starts from a bigger collaborative project established over the years from Arte Laguna Prize with a growing number of Italian and international galleries that give the opportunity to host a personal exhibition of one artist chosen from the Prize’s finalist ones.

Fiorella Fontana was awarded by the De Faveri Art Gallery "for the technique used which assembles tiny details to compose the work and the image concept of her works" as was said from the two founders Alberto De Faveri and Metella Sirola.

Exhibited there are works done by the artist in the last two years, some have large dimensions and executed in graphite on white canvas, someothers are small graphite drawings on paper that although in the artist's tecnique, aimed for studying the details of the finished work, they are also interesting as evidence of the evolutionary process from starting idea to the finished work.

The use of the essencial technique of graphite on the white canvas blends the timeless stories that appear in these works, with the neo-greek or pagan taste, where the Pan gods, divinities half animal and half human, are represented when their metamorphosis takes the perfection of perfect balance between divine nature and terrestrial nature.
In this moment of ideal perfection, conjunction of mind and instinct, the characters, created by the artist, are melting with nature and with the surrounding environment. The Fiorella Fontana beings seem be composed by the same mysterious rock of the background in which they are located, subject and environment are fused as a single living being.

Fiorella Fontana was born in Caravaggio (BG) in 1984, she lives and works in Milan.  Since the 2009 she exhibited in collective exhibition. She was selected as a finalist of Arte Laguna Prize 2009 and Italian Factory 2008.

Opening: SSTURDAY 5th JUNE 2010 AT 6.00 pm
Period: from 5th to 27th June 2010


Via Mezzaterra 10b, Feltre (BL)
Tel. +39 3358035597, +39 043998046 (fax)
opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 3:30 to 7:30 pm
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