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Artisti: Valerio Agricola, Annamarie Dzendrowskyj, Hee Sook Kim, Katarzyna Tomaszewska
Location: Serigrafia Fallani Venezia

Presentation: 17th November at 6.30pm
Adress: Cannaregio 4875, 30121 Venice

Also this year the Artistic Serigraphy Fallani Venice is hosting the 4 winners of the Art Residency, selected at the 10th Arte Laguna Prize and awarded in March 2016: Valerio Agricola (Italia), Katarzyna Tomaszewska (Polonia), Kim Hee Sook (Korea) Annamarie Dzendrowskyj (U.K.).

The art residency unfolds from 10th to 19th November, a period during which the artists will turn their art works into screen prints through an intense and challenging workshop which brings them to work side by side, sharing both their workshops and their time in Venice. Each artist brings their style into the screen-printing studio: the great interest in portraiture, the perfection and detail of Katarzyna Tomaszewska; the Korean historic painting of Hee Sook Kim and her experience as a woman migrating to the U.S.A.; the grey area between presence and absence, the emergence and dissolution of shapes of Annamarie Dzendrowskyj; Valerio Agricola's investigation of reality through the folds of the human soul.

The residency ends with an evening during which the works made during the workshop will be presented, on Thursday 17th November at 6:30 pm.

The artists are hosted at ICI Casa Murano

The screen printing studio was born in the earth of Venice during the 35th Art Biennale in 1970 to host 26 artists of different nationalities. Since then its activity has never stopped and today the Serigraphy continues to transmit and teach the screen-printing technique. This silk-screening technique consists in hand-drawing on paper (or film) the image to be reproduced in the wanted shape and size, cut it and paste it on the frame; or drawing the negative of the image directly on the frame. Once the stencil has been drawn or transferred on to the frame, this is placed on the selected media, then the ink is applied to the high part of the frame and is coated with a rubber spatula on the entire frame, including the areas covered with the substrate. The ink passes through the open spaces and is deposited on the support (paper, canvas, cloth for instance). The frame is then removed and the support is set to dry.

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