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Artists: Daphna Weinstein and Zazzaro Otto
Location: Festival Art Stays , Ptuj Slovenia


From the Arte Laguna Prize to the Art Stays Festival! Artists Daphna Weinstein and Zazzaro Otto will have their works on view in the big exhibition POLITIC(S), installed in three floors of a recently restored Dominican Monastery in Ptuj, Slovenia, which will open to the public on Friday, July 8th.
The artists were selected by the artistic direction of the Slovenian Festival during the 10th Arte Laguna Prize, and their works will be on view through September 5th.

Squares and buildings of the oldest city in Slovenia will offer exhibitions, performances, workshops, film screenings and other events from the most contemporary art production. More than 100 artists will be presented on the festival, as well as different types of contemporary art.
The 14th edition of the festival has the title POLITIC(S), the focus for this year is „political art“.

OPENING: Friday, July 8th, 6pm
VENUE: Dominican Monastery, Muzejski trg 11, 2250 Ptuj
ARTISTS: Daphna Weinstein (Tel Aviv | Israel 1971); Zazzaro Otto (Reggio Emilia | Italy 1988)
OPENING EVENTS: complete programme

Artists info:
Daphna Weinstein: www.avaklavan.com
Zazzaro Otto: www.zazzarootto.com

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