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  Special Prize Personal Exhibition
Home, society's best asylum

Location: Galleria L'Occhio, Venice
Winner Artist: Aleksandra Jarosz Laszlo
Dates: 13 September – 3 October 2014

On Saturday September 13th Aleksandra Jarosz Laszlo’s solo show, opens. The artist was selected by Galleria L'Occhio in Venice, as the winner of the Special Prize Personal Exhibition at the 7th Arte Laguna Prize. The exhibition will be on view until October 3rd.

Galleria L'Occhio is pleased to present the work of Aleksandra Jarosz Laszlo. With this project the artist reflects about the relationship between the identity of the individual and the appearance of the interior living, looking at the evolution of cultures and of the design and underlining similarities and anthropological differences originated by voluntary or induced choices about the residential area. The polish/swedish artist compares between their characteristics, cultural values and formal choices, defining, in this way, developments over time, until now, focused on living environments we design and in which we live.

Exhibition scheme
Title: Home, society's best asylum
Location: Galleria L'Occhio, Venice
Dates: 13.09.2014 - 03.10.2014

Public information
Galleria L'Occhio
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