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  Special Prize Bijing Art Residency - in collaboration with Lab-Yit
Location: Caobar Commune, Caochangdi International Art District, N.300, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Winner: Federica Cogo
Vernissage: saturday 23 November, 3 pm
Curator: Cecilia Freschini

Federica Cogo is the winner of the special prize "Beijing Art Residency at the 7th Arte Laguna Prize. The residency period started on 26th October and it will close with an exhibition of the works created in Beijing.





The exhibition of Federica Cogo's works opens on November 23rd at 3:00pm at Caobar Commune in Beijing's Caochangdi International Art District.
The exhibition, curated by Cecilia Freschini, closes the art residency in Beijing awarded to Federica Cogo during the 7th Arte Laguna Prize. The artist has been working since October 26th at Lab-Yit, the platform for Italian contemporary art in China, which collaborates with Arte Laguna to make this special prize possible: one month to live, create and be inspired by the city, its inhabitants and its culture.

“In Chongqing everything is gray - Federica explains - when I look at some pictures I took during my first days here, I realize the sky was blank, it simply was white, such a "virtual", bidimensional, conceptual white, that I thought there was something wrong with my camera."
From these early impressions and from the high pollution she experienced during her stay in Chongqing the series Pollution came, featuring the use of paper, a traditional Chinese material, as well as light and opaque colours reminding of the fog and the gray-white sky.

The images in the works present reality as it appears to the artist's eyes, and while excluding any kind of direct criticism, they at times show human experiments with the animal world, by drawing their inspiration from Chinese books. On the background, landscapes and flowers, and painted and traditional images, as if they were to soften the visual elements.

FEDERICA COGO (Verona, Italy - 1985) Lives and works in Verona.
Her research focuses on human nature, by investigating all those aspects that link human beings to their intimacy and to their relationship with society. The style characterizing Federica Cogo is simple and direct, just like the materials and the message that she wants to convey and that is further stressed by her formal choices and the pastel nuances, together with graphic simplicity and bidimensional perspective, which infuse her work with a vein of irony and lightness.

Poster of the event >>>

Photogallery of the art residency >>>