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The 13th Arte Laguna Prize announces its winners

Arte Laguna Prize proclaims the winners of the 2019 edition. The protagonists arrive from Lebanon, Italy, Poland, Canada.
A Prize which compares international contemporary art and expressive research, focusing not only on artistic languages but also on Design.

Now in its thirteenth edition, aimed at promoting and enhancing Contemporary Art and Design, Arte Laguna Prize is pleased to announce the winners of the 13th edition

Venice, March 30th 2019 - During the awards ceremony that took place this evening in Venice at the Nappe of the Arsenale Nord, the winners of the 13th edition of the International Arte Laguna Prize were announced.
A selection that has seen the International Jury at work in a careful analysis and research on over 8,000 works from all over the world (just the finalists cover 33 countries). The exhibition of the 120 finalist artworks offers an overall radiography of the current state of contemporary art, and can be considered an alternative tool for reading various international social, economic and cultural realities, inviting the public to not only enjoy the aesthetic, but also the ethics of the works and encouraging a sensitive approach towards major global themes, such as ecology and social inclusion.

The jury chaired by Igor Zanti announced the names of the 6 absolute winners who received a cash prize of 7,000 euros for a total of 42,000 euros and over 35 special prizes made in collaboration with international partners that attended the awards ceremony.

The jury of the painting section composed by Alessandra Tiddia, chief curator at Mart Museum of Trento and Rovereto and Vasili Tsereteli, director of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art has decided to award both for the subject matter and for the stylistic choice, the Polish artist Ryszard Szozda with the work Test #03A #03B #03C (2017).
The triptych reproduces a well-known photographic image, entered in the collective imagination for the destructive power linked to it, since it refers to the nuclear tests carried out in Nevada in the 50s. The artist restores this strength through a painting that slowly reveals itself to our eye while the surrounding reality dissolves and explodes.
The jury found interesting the translation into painting of an image already mediated by photography, through the use of an almost abstractly monochrome pictorial technique, which shows great skill in restoring all the apocalyptic tension of this theme.

The jury of the photography and digital graphics section composed by Richard Noyce writer, scholar and art critic and Enrico Stefanelli - artistic director of Photolux Festival in Lucca has decided to award Silvia Montevecchi with Jisei no ku #1 | Jisei no ku #4 (2017).
The work of the young artists (1994) was appreciated for the quality of the composition, the image, the narrative value and the interesting relationship with the tradition of the Jisei no ku, short poems of the Japanese tradition expressing the last thought before death. The self-portraits of this project take their inspiration from this kind of poetry in order to create a dreamlike world in which death is seen as a moment of suspension.

The jury of the sculpture and virtual art section composed by Flavio Arensi - director of the Museums of Legnano and Eva González-Sancho, co-curator of the first Oslo Biennial in 2019 has decided to award Yöti The Algorithmic Portrait Artist (2017) by the Canadian artist Jean-Philippe Côté. The work impressed the jury for the technical research that integrates the millenary tradition of the portrait with a deeply contemporary vision in relation to the new technologies that are taking hold in the world of contemporary art.

The jury of the video and performance section composed by Filippo Andreatta, theatre-maker and co-curator of Centrale Fies; and Maxa Zoller, film curator for Art Basel and artistic director of the International Women’s Film Festival of Dortmund has decided to award the performance Jardin / Arsenale (2016 - 2019) by Ginevra Panzetti ed Enrico Ticconi. The gestural score of Ginevra Panzetti and Enrico Ticconi becomes the soundtrack of a garden that is there, in front of us, enfolding us and yet it is not there. The perception of time in the performance refers to the hic et nunc of nature, to a garden which, from a harmonious connection with nature, becomes another place, an anthropocentric garden, a nature that is getting out of hand.

The jury of the land art e urban art section composed by Mattias Givell, co-director of Wanås Konst in Sweden e Simone Pallotta, curator of public and urban art, has decided to award Burj el Hawa - The Tower of Wind (2018) by the Lebanese artist Jad El Khoury. The most important mission of contemporary art is to change the perspective of the mainstream. The Arte Laguna Prize Urban and Land Art 2019 winner Jad El Khoury’s work The Tower of Wind turns an entire abandoned office tower building in Beirut into a subtle choreographed urban object. The work addresses central issues of today but resists, weirdly and complex, open and beautiful.

The jury of the Design section composed by Alfonso Femia, architect and founder of AF517 and Danilo Premoli, architect and designer has decided to award Inclusive Tea House (2017) by the Italian artist Elena Colombo. The exhibition, that takes place in the 3,000 square meters of the Nappe of the Arsenale Nord in Venice, will be open until 25 April with free entrance (from 10am to 6pm). During the almost four weeks of opening, a rich calendar of talks, guided tours and activities for children (in collaboration with Kid Pass) will offer the public a cultural hub open to dialogue, discussion and in-depth analysis on some topics.

Together with the 120 finalist works, ten exceptional heat sculptures will also be exhibited: ‘Le Guardie del Doge’, an installation with a strong and surprising stage presence that reinterprets T Tower, the iconic free-standing radiator born from the collaboration between Antrax IT and the designers Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. Antrax IT - Italian company specialized in the production of design objects for home and contract heating, supported the new design section of the competition for the 2019 edition.

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