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Arte Laguna Prize at Venice Glass Week

For the Venice Glass Week Arte Laguna Prize presents the glass installation by Cecil Kemperink, realized by Fornace Mian.

Images: Cecil Kemperink

Lines of colored glass, modeled in a dance movement worn by the artist, an installation that becomes a performance to dive completely into the creation made of Murano glass.

VENICE, SEPTEMBER 4th 2018 - On the occasion of the Venice Glass Week, Arte Laguna Prize presents, on Friday September 14th at 4pm in the spaces of Fornace Mian, the glass installation by the artist Cecil Kemperink.

Fornace Mian will open its spaces to show to the public the work created by the Dutch artist and made in the furnace, together with the Murano glass masters. Cecil Kemperink had the opportunity to spend a period of residency in Venice as the winner of one of the "Artist residencies" programs of the 12th Arte Laguna Prize, awarded in March 2018.
Murano Glass Art Residency is a project dedicated to the valorization of Murano glass conceived by Arte Laguna Prize, contemporary art contest among the most important and established in the international scene, to reward the creativity of an artist who has the desire to experiment and work with this precious material known all over the world.
In 2018 Murano Glass Art Residency is realized in partnership with Fornace Mian, leading company in the production of Murano glass furnishing accessories and Pentagram Stiftung Foundation.

Cecil Kemperink, born in the Neatherlands in 1963, is a sculptor who has always worked with different materials, exploring their form, movement, energy and sound, driven by the desire to get to know the material she works with. Attracted by the transparency and the vein of mystery of glass, with her installation project titled Hold me she impressed the jury winning the art residency offered by Arte Laguna Prize during the last edition. “Before this art residency, I had no experience in working with glass” – Cecil comments – “I am very lucky to work with great specialists. I discover a lot of differences and also similarities between glass and ceramics, the material I have used for my works so far. In the installation Hold me the circle is the predominant form, the concept is about loving, embracing, feeling safe and I feel embraced and cherished by Venice, by Fornace Mian, its people and by life.”

In the spaces of Fornace Mian, Cecil Kemperink will invite viewers to immerse themselves completely into her creation made of Murano glass, involving them in a performance that will see her as the protagonist, wearing only her works.

The furnace of cintemporary art with artist Cecil Kemperink
Friday September 14th, 2018 at 4pm
Fornace Mian

Fondamenta dei Vetrai 138 - 30141 Murano, Venice
For info: +39 347 279 0099 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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