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Sustainability and Art: Arte Laguna Prize promotes the reuse and sustainability of glass

ARS (Art Reuse Sustainability) of glass, Arte Laguna Prize and CoReVe (Consortium for the glass recovery) team up to reward sustainable, original and creative art.
Sustainability and Art: Arte Laguna Prize promotes the reuse and sustainability of glass
CoReVe, the National Consortium for the collection, reuse and recovery of glass packaging waste produced in Italy, supports the section dedicated to Sustainability and Art of the 12th edition of Arte Laguna Prize with a money prize for the best artist.

Images: Evangelina Elizondo's work "Cascade", winner of the Prize Sustainability and Art at the last edition

VENICE, 10th OCTOBER 2017 - with the support of the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea, the call for artists of the Arte Laguna Prize for the section dedicated to Sustainability and Art is now open. Arrived at its 12th edition the Arte Laguna Prize, promoted by MoCa, Cultural Association based in Venice that works in the field of art and culture since 2006, opens the call for artists for the Prize "ARS (Art Reuse Sustainability) of glass" with the support of CoReVe , the National Consortium for the collection, reuse and recovery of glass and in partnership with ArcSos - Archives of Sustainability, Cà Foscari University of Venice, which will also be present with a jury member during the selection.

Since 2015 Arte Laguna Prize has created a special section dedicated to Art and Sustainability, in order to raise awareness among artists towards the Reuse Recycle Reduce strategies of certain materials. Over 250 artists coming from 46 different countries took part to the first edition, dedicated to the reuse of paper.

A date with sustainability and environmentally conscious recycling, following the European and national trends that see a growing interest towards environmentally friendly lifestyles, even in the art world. Above all, this prize aims to promote an environmentally conscious creative act, in line with CoReVe's vision, which aspires to achieve an increasing awareness of the quality of the materials delivered. Therefore, "ARS (Art Reuse Sustainability)” will be dedicated to glass with a double purpose: to encourage sustainable art and contribute to the dissemination of a precise message about conscious recycling. According to the data elaborated by CoReVe - Consortium for the glass recovery, in 2016 glass recycling increased by 2,1% compared to 2015, reaching approximately 1,864,000 tonnes.

The prize for the winning artist will be of 3.000 euros. The artists will be judged by a special panel of judges that will include Igor Zanti, curator and head of jury of the Arte Laguna Prize, a representative of ArcSos - Archives of Sustainability, Cà Foscari University of Venice and one or more representatives of CoReVe. The selected artist will be announced during the opening ceremony of the finalists exhibition on the 17th of March 2018 at the Arsenale of Venice. .

Artists, designers, photographers, video artists and performers can participate to the prize. The projects submitted are expected to deal with the given topic in a very original and creative way. The commission hopes that the prize won't be treated simply as a “new aesthetic” of recycling, but it rather expects from participants something unexpected and surprising, because as Jean Dubuffet said: “Art does not lie down on the bed that is made for it”.

Applications must be submitted by November 16, 2017.
Further information and terms and conditions are available at www.artelagunaprize.com


ArcSos - Archives of Sustainability, Cà Foscari University of Venice is a center of documentation, training, research and dissemination of themes regarding integrated sustainability. ArcSos organizes meetings, conferences, debates, workshops and promotes exhibitions and events nationally and internationally (www.unive.it/arcsos)


CoReVe is the non-profit Consortium that aims to achieve the goals of recycling and recovery of glass packaging waste produced in Italy. It has been established on 23rd October 1997 by the main glass companies in compliance with the Legislative Decree 22/97 to organize the recovery of the glass waste which come from the separate collection, in order to set up the guidelines for the prevention activities and to ensure the recycling of recovered glass.
In particular CoReVe deals with information about recycling and glass recovery issues which are useful for citizens and it organizes the specific prevention plan with the guidelines to reach the recycling goals. The Consortium considers the communication activities for citizens extremely important, as citizens are the protagonists of the waste separate collection. According to this concept, the ideation of the special prize wants to create another occasion for the recycling awareness. The works’ originality and effect will be important as they have to represent the glass features, a material that is the circular economy’s perfect representation.

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