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Arte Laguna Prize at Venice Glass Week

For the Venice Glass Week Arte Laguna Prize presents the glass installation by Cecil Kemperink, realized by Fornace Mian.

Images: Cecil Kemperink

Lines of colored glass, modeled in a dance movement worn by the artist, an installation that becomes a performance to dive completely into the creation made of Murano glass.

VENICE, SEPTEMBER 4th 2018 - On the occasion of the Venice Glass Week, Arte Laguna Prize presents, on Friday September 14th at 4pm in the spaces of Fornace Mian, the glass installation by the artist Cecil Kemperink.

Fornace Mian will open its spaces to show to the public the work created by the Dutch artist and made in the furnace, together with the Murano glass masters. Cecil Kemperink had the opportunity to spend a period of residency in Venice as the winner of one of the "Artist residencies" programs of the 12th Arte Laguna Prize, awarded in March 2018.
Murano Glass Art Residency is a project dedicated to the valorization of Murano glass conceived by Arte Laguna Prize, contemporary art contest among the most important and established in the international scene, to reward the creativity of an artist who has the desire to experiment and work with this precious material known all over the world.
In 2018 Murano Glass Art Residency is realized in partnership with Fornace Mian, leading company in the production of Murano glass furnishing accessories and Pentagram Stiftung Foundation.



In the prestigious location of the Nappe of the North Arsenale in Venice, from March 17th to April 8th, you can admire the 115 works of the finalists of the Arte Laguna Prize, currently in its 12th edition.

Images: Arsenale of Venice (location of finalists exhibition)

VENICE – from March 17th to April 8th 2018, at the Nappe of the North Arsenale of Venice, you can visit for free the exhibition of the 115 finalist works of the Arte Laguna Prize, currently in its 12th edition. Opening and awarding ceremony on March 17th from 6pm.
After the closing of the applications, the international Jury composed of Igor Zanti, curator of the Prize and head of the Jury, along with Domenico De Chirico, Italy, independent curator, Caroline Corbetta, Italy, independent curator, Denis Curti, Italy, artistic director of Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice, Nicolangelo Gelormini, Italy, film director, Emanuele Montibeller, Italy, artistic director of Arte Sella, Simone Pallotta, Italy, curator of public and urban art, Nadim Samman, Great Britain, curator and Art Historian, Manuel Segade, Spain, director of Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo in Madrid, Ekaterina Shcherbakova, Russia, independent curator and art critic, Eva Wittocx, Belgium, senior curator at M-Museum in Leuven, has started the selection for the identification of the 115 finalist artworks of the nine contest categories.
Artists from all over the world could submit their artworks to nine sections: painting, sculpture and installation, photographic art, video art and short films, performance, virtual art, digital graphics, land art and urban art.
Once again, Venice will be the ideal location for the dream of many international artists who will compete for several prizes: in addition to the 5 absolute winners, other 35 artists will be awarded with the special prizes such as the art residencies, the exhibitions in international galleries, the international festivals and the three sections Business for Art and Sustainability and Art. International showcases like the art residencies offered by Arte Sella, Trento - Italy, Farm Cultural Park, Favara - Italy, The Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai - China, Murano Glass Art Residency, Fornace Mian Venice - Italy, Maradiva Cultural Residency, Flic-en-Flac - Mauritius, Basu Foundation for the Arts, Kolkata - India, Glo’Art, Lanaken - Belgium, Espronceda, Barcelona - Spain, Artistic Serigraphy Fallani, Venice - Italy, San Francisco Art Residency, San Francisco - USA, The Art Department, Bodrum – Turkey. The exhibitions in international Art Galleries offered by Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister, Ragensburg - Germany, Galeria Fernando Santos, Porto - Portugal, Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv – Israel. And again the Festivals such as Art Nova 100, Bejing - China, Art Stays, Ptuj - Slovenia, Open, Venice – Italy. And the collaborations with companies like Manifattura Zanetto, Padua – Italy and CoReVe (Consortium for the glass recovery).


#artelagunaprize #premioartelaguna www.artelagunaprize.com


Arte Laguna Prize: a wide range of opportunities for artists and a window into the market

Arte Laguna Prize: a wide range of opportunities for artists and a window into the market.
Call for artists extended to December 18th, 2017
Arte Laguna Prize tells its story through the numbers of its last editions and the achievements of its finalists and winners. More than 42.00 artists from 120 countries and a total cash prize of 335.000,00 euro assigned over the years: here are some of the protagonists of the contemporary art world.

Images: Arsenale of Venice (location of finalists exhibition); exhibition opening of the past edition, March 2017

Venice, 21st November 2017 – more than 42.000 artists from 120 countries, 1235 artworks exhibited in Venice, 335.000,00 euro of cash prizes, 75 international jurors from 16 countries, more than 50.000 visitors to the exhibitions: these are the data of the last ten years of Arte Laguna Prize.
For its 12th edition the prize offers even more opportunities to the artists that participate: as a matter of fact, 103 collaborations with international partners are currently available.
In the last three years, Arte Laguna Prize has assigned 104 special prizes, introduced its artists to festivals, collective exhibitions and international events, established 24 collaborations with companies and art platforms and awarded 31 artists with art residencies.
For many artists their journey started here and then became more and more established thanks to their determination and abilities. That is the case for Carlos Martiel, Cuban artist who was the absolute winner of the performance category back in 2013. Thanks to the attention from the media and the support from the critics, he was able to spread his wings and work with several art galleries, until he got to the 57th Venice Biennale. His highly emotional performances, featuring his body, have captured the attention of the public and of the international critics. The Recycle Group,exhibited their works at the Venice Biennale, as well. In 2016 they were among the finalists of Arte Laguna Prize and this year they were part of the Russia Pavilion with their artwork Paradise Network. There is no shortage of collaborations with big brands, such as in the case of the Russian artist Sasha Frolova, finalist of the 7th edition of Arte Laguna Prize and winner of the “Personal Exhibitions” prize at the Akneo gallery in Naples and at the Federica Ghizzoni gallery in Milan, who also won a contest for designing a backpack for Braccialini. And of artistic partnerships, like in the case of Gian Giacomo Borin winner in 2014 of the Business for Art prize with the company Riva 1920 of Cantù. After exhibiting at the Venice Arsenale his project Bricco Light, a lamp entirely made of briccola wood and iron that can be used both as a swing lamp and as a table lamp, he became one of the designers of the same company that selected his project among the 200 that were submitted. Hagar Fletcher, Israeli artist that creates her artworks using plastic recovery materials, was among the finalists in 2013 and in the same year she was chosen by the brand Zara to create an installation for its Milan flagship store and in 2015 she was at the Israel Pavilion of Expo Milano with one of her artworks.
Silvia Manazza finalist in 2016 for the sculpture section and winner of The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Art Residency in Shangai, saw her artworks featured in several fashion magazines, from Vogue to Io Donna; she was also the protagonist of an exhibition at palazzo Salmatoris in Chierasco, Cuneo and her works are currently on display at the Musei Civici of Pavia.
Going back in time,Marcus Jansen,today one of the best contemporary artists from New York, was one of the finalists of the 7th edition in 2013 and won an exhibition at Bianca Maria Rizzi Gallery in Milan; in 2016 he was at the Triennale of Milan with a solo exhibition. He is considered a pioneer in redefining urban landscape painting and a documentary about him that was recently released, Marcus Jansen: Examine & Report From cinema to music:Domenico dell’Osso, finalist of the 5th edition in 2011, with his surreal paintings caught the attention of the singer Caparezza, who asked him to design the cover of Museica, the album he released in 2014. Worth mentioning is also Gary Chan (Chan Kwok Hung) from Hong Kong, again one of the finalists of the 5th edition, who won the Coca-Cola World Photo Contest, the National Geographic Photography Contest and the Sony World Photography Award.
The call for artists of the 12th edition of Arte Laguna Prize has been extended to December 18th ; artists who haven't applied yet will get the chance to benefit from even more artistic opportunities thanks to the Cultural Association MoCA.

#artelagunaprize #premioartelaguna www.artelagunaprize.com


12th Arte Laguna Prize opens a new contest's category for Urban Art

The Arte Laguna Prize once again leads the way for an ever broader and more diverse cultural offer.
Innovative and unique among national art competitions: the 12th Arte Laguna Prize opens with a new contest section dedicated to Urban Art. The call for artists is now open
Always keeping up with contemporary artistic trends, the international contest opens its twelfth edition, extending the competition sections also to Urban Art.

Images: Arsenale of Venice (location of finalists exhibition); exhibition opening of the past edition, March 2017

VENICE, SEPTEMBER 14, 2017 - Always keeping up with contemporary artistic trends, the international contest opens the twelfth edition, extending the competition sections also to Urban Art.
The art categories of the international competition thus increase to nine : these conventional categorizations are becoming increasingly intertwined, but allow to map the current state of art: painting, sculpture and installation, virtual art, photographic art, digital graphics, video art and short films, performance, urban art and land art.

"This novelty makes us stand out in the panorama of art competitions, and not just national ones", says Igor Zanti, Prize curator and chair of the jury. "We have always wanted to be anticipators, and we did this last year by dedicating a special prize to sustainable art. We are continuing to do so, in order to provide an ever broader and more diverse cultural offer".

Artists can submit to this new section works or art projects for urban redevelopment, street art and graffiti, where the artistic intervention is specific to the urban fabric it has been conceived for. All the works will be evaluated by a specific panel for Urban Art and Land Art composed by Igor Zanti, Simone Pallotta, curator of public and urban art, and Emanuele Montibeller, artistic director of Arte Sella - the contemporary mountain. Among the ten finalists, the jury will select the best work that will be awarded a prize of 7,000 euro, in addition to the four cash prizes assigned to the overall winners of the other categories, for a total prize of 35,000 euro.

Since 2010, the Arte Laguna Prize has given artists the chance to exhibit at the Venice Arsenale, a sought-after location that makes the Venetian contest a prestigious acknowledgment for those who make it to the final shortlist after the careful selection by the international jury. There will be 115 on display at Tese, Arsenale North from March 17 to April 9, 2018..

Artists from all over the world are eligible with no restrictions and an open theme, applications must be submitted by November, 16, 2017.
More information and the competition terms are available at www.artelagunaprize.com


11. ARTE LAGUNAPRIZE: the 6 overall winners announced at the Arsenale of Venice

ELÍAS PEÑA SALVADOR | Madrid Spain 1992 | Argos, 2016, Oil on canvas
MARÍA GABRIELA CHIRINOS | Caracas, Venezuela 1964 | Waiting, 2016, Digital photography
ELENA BERTUZZI & LAURE CHATREFOU | Biella, Italy 1959 & Tours, France 1983 | Le labyrinthe du Debaa, 2015, Projections on a cube of transparent veils
ELIZA SOROGA | Greece 1988 | Women in Agony, 2015, Performance in public space
HILL KOBAYASHI KOBE | Japan 1977 | Radioactive Live Soundscape, 2016, Satellite communications based live microphone in radioactive area
BRANKO STANOJEVIĆ & MILENA STRAHINOVIĆ | Serbia 1983 & 1984 | Border, 2014, Monument made of mirrors and steel substructure

Exhibition of finalists and winners
125 artworks
Nappe dell'Arsenale an TIM Future Centre, Venice
26 March – 9 April 2017 open 10am -6pm daily

Guided tours: Sunday, March 26

- h. 11am Nappe Arsenale
- h.3pm TIM Future Centre - virtual art and digital graphics section


Opening and awards ceremony, Arsenale of Venice, March 25, 2017

CHRISTOPHER BOHA Canada 1978, In my Shoes, 2015, Cast concrete, optical crystal glass, 100x64x200cm
INGE VAN HEERDE The Netherlands 1996 - Wood, from the series: Magic Tragic, 2015, Digital photography,100x70cm
SILVANA MALDONADO FOITZICK Chile 1977 - Humanoides 7, 2015, digital photomontage, 70x100cm
STEFANO SERAGLIO Vicenza, Italy 1975, Vase and stone that stop the movement of a ball in space, 2016, 350x50x150cm

Exhibition of finalists and winners
125 artworks
Nappe Arsenale and TIM Future Centre, Venice
26 March – 9 April 2017 hours 10am - 6pm daily

Opening ceremony: Saturday, March 25, at 6pm
Guided tours: Sunday, March 26

- 11am Nappe Arsenale
- 3pm TIM Future Centre - virtual art and digital graphics section

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