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Venice, June 14, 2012 – Arte Laguna Prize reopens the applications to artists from all over the world and for the fourth consecutive year Venice Arsenale will be the collective exhibition venue in March 2013

Worldwide diffusion and record participations, both in the number of applicants and in the involvement of partners in its network, the Prize features an international Judging Panel including some prominent figures on the international art scene: Umberto Angelini - director of Festival Uovo of Milan; Adam Budak - contemporary art curator at  Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden of Washington; Gabriella Belli - director of Musei Civici of Venice; Cecilia Freschini - founder of Lab-Yit, platform for contemporary art in China; Mario Gerosa - editor-in-chief of AD and digital art curator; Lina Lazaar - contemporary art expert for Sotheby's; Kanchi Mehta - founder and chief curator of Chameleon Art Projects and India editor for Flash Art; Sabine Schaschl - director and curator of Kunsthaus Baselland of Basel; Felix Schöber - independent curator; Claudia Zanfi - art historian and cultural manager. President of the panel and curator of the prize Igor Zanti - independent critic and curator.

Cash prizes, art residencies, personal exhibitions in galleries, collaborations with companies and participation in festivals, for a total amount of 170,000 Euros. 
The Prize has obtained for years the patronage of different institutions, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Veneto Region, the Municipality of Venice, Istituto Europeo di Design, and Ca' Foscari University of Venice. The Prize also obtained a medal from the President of the Italian Republic. 

The Prize formula has remained unchanged: artists can freely apply by sending their application by post or on-line, submitting their works for one or more of the following sections: painting, photographic art, sculpture and installation, virtual art, performance and video art

Arte Laguna Prize will celebrate the opening of the new competition during Venice Art Night, on June 23rd. 
The event venue is the wonderful cloister of Telecom Italia Future Centre in campo San Salvador, close to the Rialto bridge. Among open museums and foundations, music and crowded calli, the Prize organizes a cocktail party in the moonlight accompanied by live performances, videos and screenings that will tell the story of the seven years since its creation and will announce the news of the competition that is about to open. 
On view the videos of the ten finalists of the sixth Prize (Andrea "Ebro" Barbarossa, Luis Bezeta, Stefano Cozzi, Pieter Geenen, Haleh Jamali, Shahar Marcus, Margherita Premuroso, Claudio Rivetti, Wenhua Shi) and the performances of artists such as Mara Cassiani, La Badini Collettivo, Elena Tagliapietra, minimum, Stefano Tosoni - WooZoo.

Applications will close on November 8th, 2012. Further details and regulations available on www.artelagunaprize.com

Press Office Arte Laguna Prize
Alessandra Lazzarin
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