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Venice, 23rd June 2012 – 11 pm and the Telecom Italia Future Centre is still awake for the Arte Laguna Prize special event: today is the opening of the new edition of the international contest, with a maxi screening which illuminates the art night in the sixteen century cloister.

Venice is teeming with people. Lanes, squares and cloisters are crowded for an event dedicated to different art expressions, from music to theatre, from dancing to exhibitions, from readings to guided tours.

Protagonists of the Arte Laguna Prize event: the news of the seventh edition and the artists with their videos and live performances that took place nonstop from 7 pm.
Barbara Stimoli from La Badini Collettivo opened the performances, then followed the reflecting cubes of the young minimum, the symbologies of WooZoo, the body painting by Elena Tagliapietra and the study of a human body living in a square meter by Mara Cassiani. The numerous spectators have also been captivated by the video interventions in the porch by the artists Andrea "Ebro" Barbarossa, Luis Bezeta, Stefano Cozzi, Pieter Geenen, Haleh Jamali, Shahar Marcus, Margherita Premuroso, Claudio Rivetti, Wenhua Shi.

Under the stars and with the sparkling wine by La Tordera, the Arte Laguna Prize has re-opened the applications to the artists from all over the world and has announced that, for the fourth consecutive year, the venue of the collective exhibition in March 2013 will be the Arsenale of Venice.

Worldwide importance and record participation in the number of applications and in the involvement of partners in its network characterize the Prize, along with the international jury with outstanding names in the artistic scenario.

The Prize offers money prizes, art residencies, personal exhibitions in galleries, collaborations with companies and participations in festivals, for a total amount of 170,000 euros.
Moreover, every year it receives the patronage of many institutions, such as the Ministero degli Esteri, Regione del Veneto, Comune di Venezia, European Design Institute, University of Cà Foscari; it has also obtained the medal of merit by the Italian Head of State.

The procedure stays the same: the artists can freely participate sending their application by mail or online, to one or more sections divided into painting, photographic art, sculpture and installations, virtual art, performance and video art. Any further information on artelagunaprize.com

The applications are open until 8th November 2012 and in the meantime the prizes given during the past edition are becoming real: on 28th the participation of July Cyryl Zakrzewski in the Festival ArtStays in Slovenia, in September Simon McGrat’s ceramics production at Carlo Zauli Museum in Faenza, the art residency experience in India of Michael Rotondi and Dina Goldstein in October, in November the creation of glass artworks by Giulia Magagnini, Elisabete Esteves and Leonore Roussel at the Glass School Abate Zanetti in Murano.

Press Office Arte Laguna Prize
Alessandra Lazzarin
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