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Since 2016, with the Sustainability and Art Prize, Arte Laguna Prize has rewarded sustainable,
original, and creative art with the aim of raising awareness within the local and international
community towards environmental issues. Art is in fact a powerful means of communication that
can interpret the problems of contemporary society. The creative world of artists thus becomes the
engine for the dissemination of ecological and ethical principles, promoting awareness of the Reuse
Recycle Reduce strategies and emphasizing the importance of artistic expression and creativity to
convey social and cultural values.


For the 15th edition, Arte Laguna Prize collaborated with Contarina Spa, a company that has been
dealing with waste management in 49 municipalities in the province of Treviso (Italy) since 1989
and the Ca’ Foscari Sostenibile program of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. Among the 253
projects presented, the jury has identified a shortlist of 5 artists (Varvara Grankova, Daria Lo
Giudice, Inge Miczka, Sandra Lapage e Florence Pinson – Ynden) and among these the Russian
artist Varvara Grankova (Moscow, 1988) was chosen with her project “Thingism”. The work deals
with a central theme for sustainability, the production of things and in particular of clothing, which
creates enormous volumes of waste, consumes resources and contributes to creating inequalities
on a global level between production and of consumption areas, where people have opposing
living standards. The artist investigates the relationship between objects, environment, and people,
creating an imposing artwork that on the one hand satisfies the eye for the shades of color and the
scenographic impact and on the other shocks for the volume of clothing produced by fast fashion
brands that will quickly turn into waste. The work itself is part of the circular economy system and
emphasizes all aspects of the 3R strategy (Reuse Recycle Reduce), as the garments used for the
installation will be donated to local non-profit organizations.


In addition to the winning work, Contarina Spa has also decided to give a special mention to the
Brazilian artist Sandra Lapage (San Paolo, 1974) for having been able to enhance and give new
life to a type of “contemporary” waste that is increasingly present in our homes: coffee pods. The
choice and the way in which a new guise has been given to this type of waste leads the user of the
work to rediscover the vital force that still characterizes the material it is made of. The artist’s works
are also in line with the company’s planning, which in the coming months will see the enhancement
of the micro-collection of this niche waste.


The official award ceremony of the two artists will take place during the opening of the finalists’
exhibition at the Arsenale of Venice on October 2, 2021. During the evening, the absolute
winners of the 14th and 15th editions and the winners of all special prizes will also be awarded.



Every year Arte Laguna Prize collaborates with high-level international partners to offer artists
opportunities around the world. Here are the artists chosen by the partners of the 15th edition:


Basu Foundation for the Arts, Kolkata (India) – Inti Guevara Rios Bogotà, Colombia 1984
Fabrica, Treviso (Italy) – Mohammed El Hajoui Kelaa Des Sreghna, Morocco 1995
Espronceda, Barcelona (Spain) – Yohy Suarez La Habana, Cuba 1989 and Lorenzo Papanti
Pisa, Italy 1989Farm Cultural Park, Favara (Italy) – Ermina Apostolaki Athens, Greece 1987
Labverde, Amazon Forest (Brazil) – Chuan-Lun Wu Taiwan, China 1985


Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister, Regensburg (Germany) – Silvia Inselvini Brescia, Italy 1987
Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans (USA) – Erwin Redl Gfoehl, Austria 1963
Ki Smith Gallery, New York (USA) – Fernanda Luz Avendaño Santiago, Chile 1993
Capsule Gallery, Shanghai (China) – Zai Nomura Kobe, Japan 1979
Arles Gallery, Arles (France) – Cyryl Zakrzewski Poznan, Poland 1986


Agnese Design, Valdobbiadene (Italy) – Lucia di Nicolantonio Pescara, Italy
Sanitpharma, Milan (Italy) – Lorenzo Mattioli Rome, Italy 2002


Art Stays Festival, Ptuj (Slovenia) – Erwin Redl Gfoehl, Austria 1963
Al-Tiba9, Algiers (Algeria) | Barcelona (Spain) – Erwin Redl Gfoehl, Austria 1963
Art Nova 100, Beijing (China)

Marco Bizzarri (Chile)
Alexandre Erre (New Caledonia)
Honey & Bunny (Austria)
Francesca Leoni e Davide Mastrangelo (Italy)
Lume Project (Italy)
Laura Magnusson (Canada)
Giorgia Maria Malandrino (Italy)
Marshamstreet (Italy)
Rebeca Mendez (Mexico)
Anna Skoromnaya (Belarus)


The exhibition of the finalists of the 14th and 15th edition will take place from 2 to 24 October
2021 at the Arsenale Nord in Venice, a great event where 240 works from all over the world will
be displayed in 4,000 square meters of exhibition space to celebrate 15 years of Arte Laguna


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