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19th Edition – Arte Laguna Prize

After the major, now comes the Dual formula.
The new edition of Arte Laguna Prize, International prize of Contemporary Art, kicks off.
For 2024, the exhibition is scheduled for a Double Edition at the Arsenale Nord of Venice, in November and December.


VENICE – Arte Laguna Prize announces that the Exhibition is going to include finalists artist of 18th and 19th edition toghether in the historical spaces of Arsenale Nord of Venice. This year the artworks of more than 200 international artists are going to be exhibited from November 16 to December 8, 2024, in a period of great  artistic and cultural fervor. With the Double Exhibition of Arte Laguna Prize Venice is ready to welcome more visitors with the added plus of the water-connection between South and North Arsenale.

Double edition, Double audience, Double visibility: the 120 finalists of the 18th edition are already official here, while for those of the 19th edition the call is now open.

The numbers of the just concluded edition: 18th edition, entries from more than 80 countries worldwide, 20% increase, 90% from outside Italy. Arte Laguna Prize welcomes artists of all ages: in the 17th edition a 99-year-old – Rinaldo Frattolillo, from New York, was registered, in the 18th the youngest artist: Daniil Burakhovich (aka Lern), only 14 years old, mentioned by partner IED Group for his graphic skills, used to convey considerations of the war in Ukraine.

The Prize, as every year, offers the winning artist €10 thousand, as well as the opportunity to participate in the various Special Prizes organized with high-level partners from around the world, who have chosen to firmly believe in and invest in Contemporary Art.

With double the turnout, already welcomed during the last exhibition, artists are directly contacted by enthusiasts, interested parties, collectors, gallerists, curators, museum directors and institutions.

The finalist artists are selected by an exclusive jury, different each year to ensure the highest level of democracy, which votes in 3 different ways with mathematical sums and group discussions, both online and in person in front of the works. And they are also judges, in their field, the holders of the Special Prizes: they can be founders, entrepreneurs, managers, owners, directors of galleries, festivals, institutions, companies ready to offer the most varied opportunities to their favorite artists, from artistic residencies, to exhibitions, to collaborations, to real contracts.

Values: the Special Prizes for Sustainability, which promotes works made from recycled or environmentally friendly materials related to the processing of paper, glass, plastic, aluminum, cork, textiles etc. are confirmed.

The Opening Night will be Saturday, November 16, 2024 from 5 p.m. at the Nappe in the Arsenale Nord of Venice. Live Performances and the Awards Ceremony of the overall winners of the two editions will be presented.

Arte Laguna Prize continues with its goals of inclusion without distinction, welcoming works and artists of all nationalities, genres and styles. A much broader approach to digitization also continues with the project to replicate the exhibition in Virtual Reality and increase the space and visibility of artists’ works: from the physical, to the Metaverse.

To participate in the contest artelagunaprize.com.


ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE 18th and 19th Edition
Arsenale Nord of Venice

November 16, 2024 – h. 5 pm
Vernissage – Perfomance – Awarding Ceremony

November 17 – December 8, 2024
Open exhibition to the public every day from 10am to 6pm
(News will follow about Talks and events)

December 8, 2024


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