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Arte Laguna Prize, the world’s most influential competition for emerging artists and designers, showcases and promotes creative talents. With fourteen years of history the Arte Laguna Prize gives the opportunity to join the huge network of collaborations worldwide, exhibit in the breathtaking location of the Arsenale of Venice on March 2021 (with the finalist artists of the 14th edition), win cash prizes and much more.

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ART. 1 - Goals
ART. 2 - Techniques
ART. 3 - Jury
ART. 4 - Prizes
ART. 5 - Application fee
ART. 6 - Conditions of participation
ART. 7 - Selection Process
ART. 8 - Collective Exhibitions
ART. 9 - Responsibilities
ART. 10 - Agreement


The Italian Cultural Association MoCA (Modern Contemporary Art), in collaboration with Arte Laguna Studio, organizes the 8th Edition of the International Arte Laguna Prize, aimed at promoting and enhancing Contemporary Art. The total amount of the Prize is € 180000.
The Prize obtained a medal from the President of the Italian Republic, with the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Veneto Region, the Municipality of Venice, Cà Foscari University of Venice, and the European Institute of Design among others. The contest features the awarding of cash prizes, the organization of a major collective exhibition in Venice, exhibitions in international Art Galleries, collaborations with Companies, Art Residencies and the publication of the catalogue. The free-subject Prize is divided into five sections: painting, sculpture and installation, photographic art, video art and performance, virtual and digital art.


The Prize is open to all Artists, with no restrictions of age, sex, nationality or any other qualifications. Each artist can participate with one or more artworks, also in more than one section. Below the technical details:

Painting – works realized with technical and stylistic freedom (oil, tempera, acrylic, ink, vinyl, watercolor, graphite, pencil, collage, etc.) on any support (canvas, paper, wood, plastics, iron, etc.). The maximum size allowed for each work is 175 cm per side. It is possible to submit polyptycs as one single work, as long as they fall within the overall 175 cm; they must be submitted as multiple works if the total size exceeds 175 cm

Sculpture and Installation – works created with any organic or inorganic material. Works can include sounds, lights, videos, mechanical or electrical movements. The maximum size allowed for each work is: base 4 meters, depth 4 meters, height 8 meters, and no weight limits.
The author of the sculpture or installation, if selected as a finalist for the collective exhibition, will have to provide the head office of the Prize with all the necessary material for mounting the artwork.

Photographic Art – photographs on analog or digital support, photos including digital elaborations. Works entirely created using the computer can be submitted in the Digital Art section. It is possible to submit series of photographs as one single work, as long as the whole series falls within the overall 175 cm; they must be submitted as multiple works if the total size exceeds 175 cm

Video Art – videos, films and works made with any animation techniques on any digital and analog support. Works must last 15 minutes at most, opening titles and closing credits included. For the final exhibition artists have to send the original works saved on DVD in high quality and in formats compatible with the mostly used reading systems.

Performance – Every artist or group of artists can participate with one or more performances, using any technique, expressive form and with the use of any support materials provided by the artist. Finalist artists will perform live on the opening night, in a version which does not exceed 10 minutes. Copyright and SIAE rights must be provided for works that include non original music or images, if necessary.

Virtual and Digital Art – works entirely created using the computer or digital applications and devices: images, videos, installations, performances in which the use of digital media plays a key role in the creative process and content; net art, software, smartphone or tablet applications, interactive devices, videogames, augmented reality projects, rapid prototyping, etc.


The selection of the submitted artworks will be made by an international jury composed of 10 members subdivided into the five contest categories, with the art direction of curator Igor Zanti.

Igor Zanti
Italy, Art Critic

Enrico Bettinello
Italy, Director of Teatro Fondamenta Nuove

Silvia Ferri de Lazara
Italy, Director of Fondazione March

Victoria Lu
Cina, Creative Director of the Museum of Contemporary of Taiwan

Domenico Quaranta
Italy, Critic and Curator

Veeranganakumari Solanki
India, Independent curator and Art writer

Miguel Amado
Portugal, Curator of the Portuguese Pavilion at the 2013 Venice Biennale

Sabrina Van Der Ley
Norway, Director of Contemporary Art at the Nasjonalmuseet in Oslo

Andrea Viliani
Italy, Director Museum MADRE in Naples

Jonathan Watkins
Great Britain, Director Ikon Gallery

Claudia Zanfi
Italy, Art Historian and Cultural Promoter


The endowment of the Prize is thus divided:


Painting: Euros 7,000.00*
Sculpture & Installation: Euros 7,000.00*
Photographic Art: Euros 7,000.00*
Video Art & Performance: Euros 7,000.00*
Virtual & Digital Art: Euros 7,000.00*

* The awarded artworks will remain artists’ property. Withholding tax of 25% on money prizes required by law. The money prizes will be given during the awarding ceremony.



NEW. SPECIAL PRIZE in collaboration with Telecom Italia Future Centre
Innovative Interactive Tour on Telecom Italia's Future Centre
selection of an artist/designer/architect.
The prize includes: grant of 5,000 Euros for the realization of the proposed project.
Participants in the Contest are asked to send a proposal aimed at the enhancement and at the innovative and interactive use of the spaces of the Telecom Italia Future Centre in Venice, with cultural and tourism purposes.

NEW! Art Nova 100 - Beijing
Art Nova 100 will exhibit the 10 finalist videos during the collective exhibition to be held in the summer of 2014
Art Nova 100 was first launched in September of 2011, and for its annual series of art exhibitions and events promotion, Art Nova 100 each year nominates about 100 artists from across China, as well as invites a small selection of international artists. All the artists are born in or after 1975 and work in a variety of media, including oil painting , sculpture, ink on paper, printmaking, photography and installation. The exhibition tour of these artists' works takes place both in China and abroad. These exhibitions and their related events provided for large-scale promotion platform for the most promising young artists.


Participation in the exhibition in Venice for 1 month for 1 artist
The participation includes: curatorial assistance and participation in Open, International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations in Venice, which will take place in 2014 during the Venice Film Festival. Reserved to artists who apply to the sculpture and installations section.


Collaborations with international Art Galleries that feature the organization of personal exhibitions including: setting-up, coverage of transportation expenses (max. € 500), publication of a catalogue dedicated to the selected artist.
FRANCE: Galerie Charlot
PORTUGAL: Carlos Carvalho
INDIA: Exhibit320



Reserved to artists who submit at least 2 works to the same section, applications by 9 October 2013

Riva 1920
Collaboration with the company
Presentation of an art project for the creation of an object or work using briccola (dolphin) wood. The selected project will be carried out at the company.
The prize includes a 10-day stay and accommodation with an art grant of 300 Euros and the creation of the work in two copies: one of them will remain the company’s property and will be exhibited at Salone del Mobile in Milan in April 2014.



Reserved to artists who submit at least 2 works to the same section, applications by 9 October 2013

Loft Miramarmi
art residency in Vicenza, in the marble district for 1 month for 2 artists + realization of a project + open day
The residency includes: accommodation, studio, workshop, realization of a project using marble, € 500 grant, final exhibition.

Fonderia Battaglia
art residency in Milan for 1 month for 1 artist + realization of the project in bronze + open day
The residency includes: accommodation, realization of the project in the historic foundry with assistance during all the execution stages, final exhibition, grant of 300 Euros.
At the end of the application period, artists will be asked to send a project for the choice of the winner. The artwork will remain the artist’s property; one copy will remain at the Foundry.

India ARTresidency
art residency in Mumbai for 1 month for 1 artist + final exhibition

The residency includes: journey, accommodation, grant of 500 Euros, final exhibition at a gallery. One of the works created during the residency will remain the property of the partner.

Norimberga ARTresidency
art residence in Nuremberg for 1 month for 1 artist + final exhibition
The residency includes: journey, accommodation and atelier, grant of 500 Euros, participation in the cultural activities of the town and contact with other artists, curatorial assistance, final exhibition.
The residence is reserved to Venetian artists.

Glass School Abate Zanetti
art residency in Venice for 1 month for 1 artist + development of a glass project + open day
The residency includes: accommodation, workshop, development of a project with the master glassmakers.
At the end of the application period artists will be asked to send a project that will be evaluated in order to choose the winner. The work created will be signed also by the master glassmaker and will be the artist's property; one copy will remain to the School.

Art Stays
art residency in Slovenia for 7 days for 2 artists
Each residency includes: accommodation, board, studio, basic materials to create the work (to be agreed), curatorial assistance and participation in the festival ART STAYS, an International Festival of Contemporary Art and the main annual event of visual arts in Slovenia. One of the artworks will be Art Stays's property.


For the partial support of the organization expenses, the application fee is 50.00 Euros for 1 work and 90.00 Euros for 2 works submitted to the same section; for every additional work (submitted to the same section) the fee is 45.00 Euros, to be paid as specified in ART. 6.
For under-25 artists the application fee is 45.00 Euros for 1 work and 80.00 Euros for 2 works submitted to the same section; for every additional work (submitted to the same section) the fee is 40.00 Euros each. Under-25 artists must send a copy of their ID card by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by fax to the number +39 041 8627948, otherwise the application will not be considered as valid. Artists who submit at least 2 artworks in the same section can participate with no additional fees in the Special Prizes "Artist in Residence" and “Business for art”, as specified in ART. 4. Artists must keep a copy of the payment. Application fees are not refundable.


The artists can apply by:
- 30 October 2013 New deadline: 26 November 2013
- 9 October 2013: deadline to participate also in the special prizes “Artist in Residence” and “Business for Art”

Artists can apply by as follows:


Painting >>>
Sculpture and Installation >>>
Photographic Art >>>
Video Art >>>
Performance >>>
Arte Virtual and Digital Art >>>


2) BY MAIL (date as postmark):

By sending the application in an envelope or delivering the application to the Head Office of the Prize (ARTE LAGUNA - Via Roma, 29/A - 31021 Mogliano Veneto (TV) – Italy):
- a short biographical statement
- a picture of each work (minimum size: 15x20 cm - maximum size: 20x30cm) including the artist’s name and surname, country, title, size, technique, year on the back
- a copy of the payment of the application fee.
The documentation (photographs included) will not be sent back to the artist.


The payment of the application fee can be made as follows:

1) On-line with credit card
PAY PAL http://www.premioartelaguna.it/pagamento_online.php
(if the credit card is not registered with the artist’s name it is mandatory to specify the name of the owner of the credit card in the application form)

2) Bank Transfer
MONTE DEI PASCHI DI SIENA - IBAN: IT 18 Q 01030 61800 000000866478 - BIC: PASCITM1V19
addressed to Cultural Association MoCA, with the Reason “Application Prize 13.14 - name, surname and telephone number of the artist”. We do not accept any transfer costs charges, on penalty of the cancellation of your registration.

3) Bank Transfer
POSTE ITALIANE - IBAN: IT38F0760112000000080409584 - BIC: BPPIITRRXXX
addressed to Cultural Association MoCA, Preganziol (TREVISO) Italy. Bank data:
with the reason “Application Prize 12.13 - name, surname and telephone number of the artist.
We do not accept any transfer costs charges, on penalty of the cancellation of your registration.

4) Western Union
Addressed to: Name: Laura - Surname: Gallon - Address: Mogliano Veneto (TREVISO) - Country: Italy
We do not accept any transfer costs charges, on penalty of the cancellation of your registration. It is mandatory to specify the transaction code in the application form.


The selection will be made in two stages: those who pass the first stage will be asked to send a focused dossier with max.10 additional artworks for the final selection of 110 works that will be exhibited in the collective exhibitions in March 2014, Artists are invited to keep informed about the developments of the Prize, which will be constantly updated on the website www.artelagunaprize.com. The Prize Office will send to all the mailing list subscribers the news about all the stages of the Prize and any possible changes that might be applied to the terms and conditions. It is recommended to provide a valid e-mail address, to add to your address book the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and to check it daily.


The finalists will exhibit in the prestigious venue of the Arsenale of Venice, while the Virtual Art section will be on view at the Telecom Italia Future Centre in Venice. A further selection of works selected among the Under25 artists will be exhibited at the Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research of Venice. The results of the selections will be published on the website www.artelagunaprize.com. The names of the winners of each section will be announced during the Exhibition Opening. The organization and the setting-up of the exhibitions mentioned above will be done by Arte Laguna. Each artist is responsible for covering transportation (round trip) expenses and any insurance costs for the artworks.


Cultural Association MoCA and Arte Laguna, while guaranteeing the greatest care and custody of the works, will not be liable for any thefts, fires or any damages to artworks or people that could occur during all the stages of the event. Any insurance request is the responsibility of the Artists.


The decisions of the Awarding Jury are irrevocable and unquestionable. The awarded artists have the right to renounce the prizes, but without asking Arte Laguna any kind of compensation. In that case the prize will be re-assigned according to the ranking made by the jury. Each artist gives to Arte Laguna the rights of reproduction of the works and texts for the realization of the catalogue, the archive of applications, the publication of the artworks on the website of the Prize and other forms of communication and activities of the organization.
Each artist gives to Cultural Association MoCA and Arte Laguna, as well as to their direct representatives, the authorization to the treatment of personal data according to the Law 675/96 (“Privacy law”) and to its following changes in the Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Privacy Code) also for data entry into data banks managed by the subjects mentioned above.
The participation in the Prize implies the knowledge and the complete acceptance of these Regulations and of the charter of Cultural Association MoCA.

Published: 3 June 2013

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The ambassadors of the Arte Laguna Prize are the representatives of the competition's activities in various countries around the world. They collaborate as enthusiasts and art lovers, sensitive and attentive...

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Become Assistant

A backstage experience could be very interesting, do you want to live it with us?From March 9th to April 17th, 2020 we will be at the Arsenale of Venice for...

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Art Talk

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Educational Activities

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